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Anyone for Triathlon?

So, a bit about myself, entering the half century next year and have decided (possibly a mid life crisis according to the other half) that I will be the most glam and fittest I have ever been. On my bucket list is to complete the Lanzarote Ironman Triathlon!!

6 weeks ago I weighed in at 13st 6lbs and today weighed in at 12st 6lbs. I joined a gym and go at least 4 times per week for core strengthening and conditioning, plus 2-3 spin classes a week and swimming once a week.

I have lost inches, and have more energy than I know what to do with :) I knew, from previous experience, that running is harmful to my health UNLESS I lose weight and get my form right, hence my strength and conditioning efforts.

My treat for losing a stone?? To start the couch to 5k programme. So this morning completed my first run and actually for the first time in my life, felt like a runner - no collapsing over my chest and hips or running heel first! I was light on the balls of my feet and kept my body straight and upright - I struggled to breathe, but that's a different story.

Hopefully by following the programme, I will be able to graduate and successfully completed my 3 mini sprint triathlons that I have entered next year!!

Is anyone else out there planning on doing a Triathlon or indeed has completed a Triathlon?

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I would say goals are great for motivation. I am doing my first baby triathlon in 2 weeks, (I have just posted about pre race nerves). The one thing I will say is that I have really enjoyed the training. I would even go to say I have loved it. The journey has been a load of fun, no matter what the race outcome.


Well done - please post how you do!! Whereabouts is your first baby Tri, we have one based quite locally on Bank Holiday Monday which I am going along to watch for some hints and tips


Mine is crystal palace, it's the Tri together beginners. They are so supportive. Also leonard Cheshire (who are the organisers) do taster training days in about March and May, I think they only charge about £5 for the five hour training session, found it invaluable and fun. You do transistion tips, running, cycling and there are even speedo coaches for swimming.


Well done you two! Fantastic derring-do or what!!!! It just shows what us, ahem, more mature ladies can achieve once we get the bug. Go, kick ass ladies!


Thanks miss wobble... I will gladly kick ass lol!


well done you for the weight loss and in starting to run, thats terrific!!! I can't cycle so I'd have to give the triathlon a miss, but thats well worth training for...good luck :)


Thank you juicy Ju...... I don't know how well I can cycle yet! 35 years since I sat on a bike and swam properly, but all great fun so far !


Hi and welcome aboard :) Blimey, with that traing regime I don't think you'll have any problems completing your c25k ;)

I'd love to compete in a triathlon and I'm seriously thinking if training for a duathlon once I've completed my Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k run at the end of August. Then I'd like to complete a 'baby' triathlon and see where that takes me :)

Good luck with your c25k and your triathlon. Keep us all updated on your progress.


I've done 2 sprint distance tris (300m pool swim/15k cycle/5k run and 750m open water swim/20k cycle/5k run) and one super sprint (400m open water swim/15k cycle/2.5k run).

Sprint distance is great, super sprint was too short, I'd just got into my running stride when I finished! But a standard distance is too far for me at the moment, I could do the 10k run easily enough, I could probably do it after the 20k bike ride (sprint distance) but a 40k bike ride (standard distance) is enough to wipe me out. I need to practice more and more on the bike, maybe this time next year.......

They're great fun though, the training laid on at Cranleigh before the tri (each Sunday for an hour or so for the 8 (I think) weeks previous to the tri) was fantastic, we all learnt so much. Though all the locals that joined in seemed to be cyclists and the time I can make up on the run I lose and more being a slow cyclist.


Hi Beads, great to hear of your success. I think your experience about being slightly weaker in one of the 3 legs is something all Triathletes suffer with. As of yet, I have no idea whether I will be any good at either running or cycling, but I will give them both a good go.

Good luck !


I would also absolutely love to do a triathlon next year. The swim and the run would be fine, but the cycle... I only cycle with my kids and really slowly, the bike is an ancient racer and I wouldn't dare enter a race with it. Also I don't know when I'd find the time to train. It's hard enough running 3 times, swimming only once, and strength training etc. on 'rest' days. I keep looking at local tri websites though, so the niggle is not going away :-) Good luck with your running!


Hi Squaremum,

I found commuting to work on my bike as a valuable way of getting in some cycling and then working in the running before work although I do know it may not be possible. I have done most of the training on my own and tomorrow I am doing my own super sprint tri on my own. I am not nearly confident enough to go to a club.


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