Running just got personal

Running just got personal

I started C25K to get fit, I signed up for the Race for Life as it’s a good cause and was approximately 9 weeks away, a perfect goal to stick to my training. Today I signed up online with my colleagues from work (we’re a work team) and ironically also today my father was diagnosed with cancer.

It could be worse, his prognosis is very good and he is in the best medical hands but unfortunately as most of us know, a large part of beating cancer is psychological and he isn’t the strongest person in that respect and no matter what your prognosis is, all cancer treatments have negative side effects.

After I completed my sign up it gave me the option to advertise the justgiving page on facebook which I did, it’s been a few hours now and not a single comment or like... I thought at least one person out there may have had a kind word to say. I’m posting this to make it feel real, to spur me on to complete W8R1 tonight after a recent running failure which knocked my confidence and because the C25K community has never let me down before.

If anyone is running Race for Life’s 5K in Cambridge on the 20th good luck and I’ll be there, instilled with new purpose.


I did the rain run! It felt amazing =) much better than running in heat, time for a warm shower now

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21 Replies

  • Oh dear, very sorry to hear about your father but hold on to the fact that he has a good prognosis. Run your run and make him super proud of you.... Remember... You CAN do it !

  • Thank you

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your father Nadia - that must be devastating news for you all. I'm glad he is in good hands medically, and he has a supportive and strong willed daughter to help him through it. All cancer treatments do have side effects, but he will have a strong support team as well as his doctors - macmillan cancer support provide a lot of information and support and are a good resource you can access easily.

    Don't worry about the lack of likes on your page - it's the middle of the day and lots of people are still at work and therefore not on facebook. You will complete W8R1 tonight, you can do this and it's well within your capabilities. Just think of how proud your Dad will be when you graduate and when you run the Race for Life. Good luck.

  • Thank you very much

  • Sorry to hear that, Nadia. As you say though, the prognosis is good. I'm sure you'll smash w8r1 tonight and you'll be ready and up for it when the RFL comes along. Good luck :)

  • Thank you Paul

  • So sorry to hear your sad news Nadia. Good luck with your run tonight. Really hope your dad makes a full recovery

  • Really sorry to hear about your father Nadia, but pleased he has a good prognosis. You'll be fine with the RFL. It's not really about times/speeds anyway. I do it every year in honour of my Dad. I'm sure yours will be very proud of you.

  • You can and will do it henpen, mine is Sunday, and for my grand daughter, and I am determined to do it, and so will you

  • Thank you everyone, it's raining outside but I'm still going to go for it, there's every chance RFL will be raining to!

  • Don't let the rain stop you, I've just been out in it too, I'd never run enough if I waited for perfect conditions ;) wishing you all the best for your race for life and for your dad, I'm sure with your support he will get through this x

  • Thank you everyone, I ran in the rain! With a pic to prove it, I've been seeing a lot more people run in my home town all shapes and sized but today was only blokes, muscled blokes... and me =)

  • Good luck to you and your dad.

  • I did a race for life last year in memory of friends and family. Hopefully that race and fundraise is already helping your dad with new research and treatments. Good luck for both of you, be strong

  • Rain is good! It is your friend, so get out there and nail that run. You have to think positive too you know, and running in the rain is a positive thing to do. Get going!

    Go Nadia!!!!!

  • Sorry to hear about your dad, I know what its like getting that news about a parent. Hope he makes a full recovery, I am sure he is bursting with pride to see how well you are doing.

  • Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope his treatment gives him a full recovery. Enjoy your RFL

  • I feel for you about your dad. My dad was not a fighter for himself, but would do anything for my mom. Not wanting to let her down carried him a long way.

    Good lick with the rest of the program, and your Race4Life.

  • That's nice, my dad will fight to get away from my mum but that's about it =)

  • Oh gosh you're from Cambridge! I'm from Cambridge too, but I live in France in summer... I so wish I could be there for RFL very best of luck with the race, I'm sure by now (hoping) that people will have seen your FB post and responded. I'm sorry about your Dad, but if he's getting treatment at Addenbrokes he couldn't wish for better, it's a great hospital.

    I guess by now you've done your RFL, let us know how it went xx

  • Thank you so much, the race went alright, very hot and I did snap my lace and fall at one point but I didn't hurt anything and I carried on, my dad's London-based but I trust Harley street to do a decent job of things, thank you very much x x x

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