Not again -Aaargh

Yes it's happened again. C25k shirt tick, Avicci music tick, Endomondo started tick, Rico no tick it was too hot for him. Off I started full of the joys - did my warm up walk into the woods start running and then I went over the same ankle that I thought had mended. Excruciating pain again, as I could only hobble that was the end of my run. Walked home in disbelief, I was trying to be so careful but I guess a hidden root popped up. Think it might be time to change my running shoes for walking boots as at least then my ankle would protected.

I do wonder if my shoes are too narrow as I have a pair of cross-trainers that are a lot wider at the front and they may have ridden over the bump.

So back to the couch with ice and ibuprofen gel. I really enjoy the countryside and the thought of having to run on roads/pavements really doesn't appeal so much but then again I can't keep doing the same ankle.

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  • Unfortunately you can.

    So sorry you are back on the injury couch.

    Hope it mends quickly, but I would look for a different route!

  • Do you have trail runners? Maybe that would help. I have easily offended ankles, and slow right down in the areas where there isnt a paved or graveled path. I am not sure i would venture to run in the woods at all. Yet.

  • Really bad luck. I know what you mean about running off-road. I prefer it too but my routes combine road/pavement as well. I'll be looking for an all off-road route in the not too distant future ;) Hope your ankle heals very soon. Good luck.

  • Ouch! Just ouch! Really hope your ankle feels better soon

  • Ouch hope you get better quickly, I would have a look at your shoes are they trail shoes? Or maybe ankle supports would be a good investment

  • Oh no, not more problems for you. What a drag.

    I really hope you get through it soon and can get back out on a regular basis.

    Must be frustrating for you

  • It's so annoying to crock your ankle again. I feel for you, I really do. Time will heal it but you have too keep off it for a bit. Hopefully not too long. You'll have to keep it elevated as often as you possibly can. I have been using Ibufren gel and it seems to work ok

  • Thanks all. I'll definitely look into getting some trail shoes and changing my route maybe stick to the bridleways

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