AN EXCELLENT running Blog

This is one of the best running blogs (especially for beginners and intermediates like us) that I have read -- and believe me, I have done LOTS of research about running over the past 6 months because I am just one of those people who gets addicted to finding out information about "stuff"

The writer is an older man who has run for a long time - and writes from the point of view of just enjoying running - and not from the point of view of racing ( which I find many running blogs are more about)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED -- but there is a LOT of really good practical info in this and it takes a lot of time to digest.

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  • Thanks Bazza, there's loads there to keep me interested! Its good to remind ourselves to just enjoy it too x :-)

  • Had a quick scan and it looks a good place to spend some free time browsing. Thanks for sharing.

  • I can't read it bazza it's in a dark purple background & black writing ,

  • Hmm -- the outer area of the blog is dark purple with white writing -- but the actual blog itself ( where the main article content is) is white background with black writing.

    What web browser are you using??

  • Thank you for sharing :-)

  • Great site. Thanks.

  • This post is almost 40 years old -- but should be compulsory reading for all beginner and intermediate runners

  • That old, and yet, everything in it is just what Laura says. I have this bookmarked, and do intend to make my way through the rest of the blog.

  • Blimey this man has dedicated his life to this! I'm definitely going to plough through it.

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