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Z3R2 - training for the discombobulated continues today I got wet

Z3R2 - training for the discombobulated continues today I got wet

So today started at 7.30 with me thinking I was still very tired. By around 8 I thought that I would go for my morning run after all but I would wait until the kidlets were safely locked away for the day. By 9.30 I wondered if I would indeed have time to go for a run before I would need to head to the pool, so I decided to stay put.

Application form in hand for my discount leisure card thing and my swim bag packed and it was time to go.

Found the leisure centre, it's an old one but clean and welcoming. The pool was easy to find from the changing room, you know what with me being optically challenged without my glasses on and I managed to work out which was the shallow end to get in.

It was a small pool 20m in length and the temperature was ok. I did about 30 lengths - I did have little stops after every few lengths - mainly to drain my nose and fiddle with my ear plugs. It was good to be swimming again. But why is there always a bunch of ladies that stand around one end effectively blocking off a couple of lanes talking - they don't swim, they just gossip - couldn't they go to a cafe for that? On the rare occasion they might swim - god forbid they should actually get their heads wet.

So that was done the first training swim for the discombobulated, I remembered how to do it and I remembered I am allergic to chlorine - raging snot monster with a burning throat. Think I will have to invest in a nose clip, though my nose is pierced not once but twice so that could be an interesting experience.

So this afternoon was zombie run - the short one.

Off me and Ferd went, I was in my own little world when I horse neighed and scared the living day lights out of me. App started and off we go.

Slow slow slow.

But then easy was the aim of today.

I think I ran around the bog of eternal stench judging by the smell at one point.

Coots and battle dog has lost his ears.

Rest of the run battle dog tethered to the lead.

Nemesis completed, well I did have to stop but because there was a car and safety comes first.


Pace slower than treacle, but that's more than ok -

10.19 min/km

3 zombie chases all completed

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Hey, I've only just learned how to get my head wet when swimming and very proud of myself I am too!

You know you said Ferd's a WSS cross... are you absolutely sure the cross isn't with a Shetland pony? Not the cootophilic bit obviously.


Spoonie you are amazing! What a star! You're putting us all to shame.


Well done Spoonie! You're showing those zombies!

I'm very impressed with you, swimming and running in one day. I'm even more impressed with the harmony in which rabbit, dog and human coexist in the spoonie household. Lovely :)


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