Couch to 5K

Week 6 Run 3

Well, I'm about to tackle W6R3. The first 2 runs this week have gone well and I even had enough oomph to speed up for the last minute of the second 10 minutes of R2.

Still a bit nervous about 25 minutes non-stop running, though. But then, I never thought I'd be able to run for 20 minutes!

I'll be running around a nature reserve which is really nice. My youngest does a dance lesson at a local college which has footpaths linking to this small nature reserve. The dog enjoys it too - swans to watch sometimes! However, term finishes next week so I will either have to run round the park around the corner or through the woods. I'm hoping I'll be able to tackle the woods (it's downhill to start with then level, but a bit 'lumpy'!).

I'm posting on here because I know it gives me an extra reason to finish the next run!

PS I never call my pace 'running' - I've christened it 'plogging' (jogging + plodding). I don't want my 'Mr Fit' husband thinking I'll be able to keep up with him!

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You"ll ace it I'm sure. No more walking breaks now girl! You go for it!


Good luck for your next run, sound like a lovely place


Plogging - love it!

If it's any comfort, I found W6R3 much less of a hurdle than W5R3.


Sounds like you have lovely running locations!! You sound like you are ready for the 25minutes run don't be nervous, just try to enjoy it and you will fab after you have done it!!


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