I've got my running head on

It's a beautiful evening and I've just driven past what looks like members of a running group out enjoying the late sunshine and I wanna go out too! * stamps foot in uncharacteristic display of petulance * I'm supposed to be on the injury couch after hurting my knee on Saturday morning but I'm desperate to go out. Should I risk it? The knee feels just about ok-ish but I can't run tomorrow morning because have to be at work at silly o'clock. Should I try my first evening run or be good and wait until Wednesday? Decisions decisions.......


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17 Replies

  • Question : How long will you be on the injury couch if you go out before your knee is ready?

    Happy running whenever that is

  • Errr I went out and I'm still standing :)

  • Glad you knee was ready.

  • Little walk?

  • 4k run actually :)

  • Thought that might happen. I've told myself before now that I'll just go for a walking and then mysteriously found myself running in whatever I am wearing.

  • Just go and see how it goes. You just might run it off. You could aim for a short one, just round the block sorta thing. No need for marathons at this stage.

    I got an inexplicable knee a few weeks back but it's fine now. It came from nowhere and disappeared the same way. I told it to flip off and it did! Result!!

  • That's exactly what I did. Ended up running a bit further than I meant to but not much. It was just such a lovely evening I couldn't stay in :)

  • Please wait until Wednesday, you will be glad you did, apart from that I cant run in the am because I got great grand daughter at 7 am so I dont see why you should :)

  • Oh GJ I went out. I know, slapped wrists, but I couldn't help myself. It was just too tempting :)

  • Wait...!

  • I'm afraid I didn't wait, but I am still standing, so that's a good sign :)

  • As tempting as it is to go out, and I'm sure you'll be fine, it may be best to wait, just to be sure. Of course, I would say that as technically it was me who injured you in the first place! :-P

    Hope you feel better by Wednesday! :-)

  • Oh M_Y I know I should have waited but, of course, I couldn't. I did a shedload of stretches before I went out and a shedload more when I got back and so far so good. Lots of twinges but I've had worse. I'm doing precautionary icing and elevating at the moment and feeling decided pleased with myself, you might even say smug :)

    I only meant to do 3k but ended up doing a very sedate 4k with a teeny tiny inclinous friend in the middle.

    When I think back, I reckon I picked up this particular knee issue the run before the farties one, when I revisited a route I used to use early on in the programme. I'd forgotten just how bad the camber of the roads and paths are along there, and I was a bit twingey when I got back. So, despite what I said on Saturday, trying your farties training didn't cause it, it just exacerbated it. So exonerate yourself from any feelings of guilt m'dear and we'll blame the council for not maintaining the roads properly.

    Happy running tomorrow :) x

  • Hey Epic Mum, come on , spill Missus, what have you decided ? :-) Hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  • Of course I went out Poppy. Naughty me but I really enjoyed it. It was such a perfect evening and after the first 50-100yards when it was bloomin' painful, suddenly it all felt right, so I carried on. I was very very sedate and got overtaken by several other runners and a kid on a skateboard but who cares. I'm now icing and elevating as a precaution and will report on how it feels tomorrow. :)

    How are you feeling today after your race yesterday? xx

  • Hi Epic Mum , I thought the lure would be too much for you to resist ha ha :-) How are you feeling today, hopefully its okay and not giving you any pain . Glad you took it nice and easy anyway..

    Well, I had to go to bed early last night, I normally like to stop up and post and read on here but I could barely keep my eyes open :-) I recovered really quickly from the race , well , apart from being very sleepy, but no aches or pains, well apart from my flippin' foot but I just take that as normal now, I just ice it , take ibuprofen and put gel on it , it is just niggly really .

    I am going out tonight after work , just hope it cools down a bit .

    Take care , speak later :-) xxx

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