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Week5 run1 sorted!

Got to week five & 1down ;-) bring on the rest of week five have to say feeling a little edgy though. This is really starting to step up a gear now. Nice and easy dose it though and feeling good about what I've started. Feeling the benefits & seeing the benefits as well. I've started giving my self a little round of aplorse for each run completed, seams to work for me. I look forward to getting it, crazy ? maybe. Don't care it gets me through. ;-) don't think I could have got this far without the encouragement from every one on here!! Big thanks!

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Like you say nice and easy does it, have faith in Laura she will get you there!!! Just think after week 5 is over you are over half way and you will be ready for the longer runs.


Looking forward to it! :-)


Well done! It is rather addictive, isn't it? I find myself thinking about running, my next run etc all the time :) Keep on applauding yourself as you deserve it.


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