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I have started running with the podcasts before but today decided that This Is It. I am going run for 5K, 3 times in a week, before the summer is out. Previously, I have found that something has caused me to miss a run and that has been that. I would try to get back into the routine but would find a reason to stay inside. I hope that by keeping a diary in the form of a blog I will be able to keep track of my progress and that will be some incentive to keep to the plan.

I was wondering whether to start with week 1 run 1 and am glad that I did. The first 2 runs were fine but I then found that I was feeling leggy, short of breath and generally quite gross. It has been raining intermittently here in Devon and it is pretty muggy. I use mapmyrun which tells me that I did 4.01 km in 32mins 42s. This includes the warm-up and warm-down walks. I think that I am generally quite healthy but was surprised that I felt a bit ill. It is probably down to the fact that I haven't done much exercise for about a month and so I shouldn't have been surprised at all.

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Good job! We all look forward to your reports! Enjoy your rest day!


Well done for restarting, I re-started the program a few times - I am now going to be starting week 8. You might have felt ill because a number of different reasons, note nought food or water, the weather etc. Keep us all posted and keep with it, you will be so pleased you did.


Stick with it. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I don't think there is a better way to achieve your goal than C25k and if you keep posting here we will cheer you on and it will help your motivation. We have all been there or are still doing it so understand the trials and tribulations. Good luck.


Nice one! I've been keeping a log in a small text file of nearly all my runs (I forgot to write up a few) - it's great to look back and see the progress, and it's almost definitely helped me keep going (I've just done Week 6 run 2 this morning)


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