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Running and eating

Now I am running for more than 30 minutes I notice I feel worn out. I go after work but before my evening meal so have a quick drink and snack. At weekends I got about 2 hours after breakfast. I feel that the run isn't hard as such but after about 20 mins I feel worn out.

I wonder if I should carry a bottle water or sports drink with me, what do other people do? Also wondered about having a piece of chocolate in my locked to keep me going? Anyone do this?

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I read somewhere that if you drink coffee an hour before your run, it will help your stamina and keep you going longer.

Might be worth trying on the morning runs.

Happy running


I always take water with me and now I am doing longer runs instead I take a non fizzy sports drink. When I am going to be out for more than an hour or so I also take rice cakes with peanut butter - now famous on this forum as PBRC.

I find sipping the drink at regular intervals keeps me going during 10k plus distances.

On the longer distances I also plant water to save carrying it.

I am told it is very important to eat after a run, especially protein. I never want to but make myself eat some fat free Greek yoghurt. (Usually ravenous about an hour or so after though :-) ).

Experiment to see what works for you.


I'm only doing 40 mins at the moment, but do usually take water. It's funny because I often only have 2 or 3 mouthfuls when I really feel like I need a boost, but it does seem to help.


Thanks everyone :-) will try this on my run this morning. Do you just carry water in your hand? I've had a week off running and today is first day back so hoping it will be good!


Just wanted to say thanks again all, took a bottle of lucozade isotonic drink and it really helped! Took a swig every kilometre and it really helped keep me going :-) managed my furthest distance 7.5k in 48 mins happy days! Definitely taking a drink from now on!


it may be that you aren't eating enough in general or the right things, or it could be the hydration. You shouldn't need a sports drink unless running HM and upwards, I think (water should be enough). Maybe get a juicer, up your veggie intake, that certainly gave me loads of energy (which reminds me, I haven't used it for a while!)


I never take anything with me.. I like my runs light and my hands free..try to drink a bit of water before your runs unless you are ok with taking a little bottle of water.


I know I'm the same I've always been against taking anything but after 20-30 mins I feel quite weak like I need something so I took a drink yesterday. It definitely helped though it was a pain carrying it!


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