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Week 2 on hold

So I attempted to do week 2 run 1 and my lungs were coping perfectly but unfortunately my left foot/ankle was playing up and I felt that if I had kept going I wouldn't have been able to walk for the rest of the day. So it seems my ambitions for running are on hold until I can get sorted with a gait analysis and a proper pair of running shoes (prices for these are SHOCKING).

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I think you're very sensible to put running on hold until you get fitted for proper shoes. You're right - the prices are shocking. But it's cost effective in the long run (boom boom!) to prevent damage.


Definetely the right decision to stop until you can your ankle/foot sorted. I know running shoes are expensive, but they really are an essential piece of kit.....and in the long run (excuse pun!) your body will thank you for taking the time to have a gait analysis and select the best shoes for you.

Good luck.


Good call. Best to be on the safe side as the last thing you need is to be out for weeks! Gait analysis/running shoes are not cheap, but they are worth every penny if they help keep you injury free and they make a big difference. Good luck ;)


Sorry to hear of your woes, and I hope the new running shoes will cure your problem.


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