Couch to 5K

week 6 run 2 down

Another one bites the dust.

The first 10 seemed ok, my pace of 6m/km seemed maintainable though I was tiring a bit so maybe I still need to try and find that 6.30/7m/km rhythm.

The second ten was tough but I knew the hill would make it that way (I swear it looks bigger when running it that it seems in the car).

Onwards to run 3 on friday/saturday now for me.

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You are doing brilliantly :-) I'd never cope with the hills!


The hill IS bigger when running it than when you're in the car, you're closer to it for a start! Just wait until you have to run down it! There's one on one of my routes that's short (100m max, possibly only half that) but always seems incredibly hard work when running up it. The first time I turned the route round and ran down it I was shocked at how steep it is and how scary it was running down so now I'm not too fussed when I'm tired running up it.


Well done. That's a tricky run that brings grief to many - see earlier posts this morning! It's all non stop runs from here in. Good luck!


Way to go! We're at the same place. W6r3 for me is Friday although my run is less hilly :) Good luck to both of us.


Thanks, I am hoping to run tonight but feeling a twinge in my knee so may wait till tomorrow morning


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