Couch to 5K

Wk 3 run 2 tendon pain

Completed wk 3 run two and quite enjoyed it, got my route sorted and avoid the hilly part on the run but starting to get a stiffness in my lower ankles at the back is this my Achilles' tendon and what's the best way of dealing with it

I,ve started doing the stretching exercises and I'm due to do run 3 on Thursday I was thinking of giving it a two day rest between 3 and 4

I really don't want to stop as I'm really getting into running and combined with a more sensible diet I've nearly lost a stone, but at the same time I don,t want to give my self a bigger injury

It hurts when I walk down the stairs the morning after but gets progressively better as the day goes on. At what point should I give up the running side of things for a few days, not sure if it's general stiffness or an injury

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You sound like a lot of others on here , myself included! The dreaded first walk downstairs! Stretching before getting out of bed is a good plan. Correct stretches can be seen on here with laura. There is a link on the right in blue text I think. I don!t rotate my ankle but just gently flex it forward then back, not side to side. Stretching after runs etc is also the best plan. Getting stronger to support your running is also needed, so look at doing other exercise to get yourself fitter and stronger. Swimming, walking, cycling, exercise classes, or dvd's at home for yoga, cardio, abs etc. I do jillian michaels as she throws in a bit of weights too, which is good. I also take a daily Omega 3 fish oil capsule

Take an extra day's rest by all means as you need to allow healing. If you are new to exercise you can expect aches and pains as your body protests at these new exertions. As you progress carefully through the programme you will get better. You are only doing a slow jog on c25k, no need to go fast at all. It's not about speed but just finishing the run and doing exactly what laura says. She will drip feed instructions and tips each week to get you round

Try to relax and enjoy the runs.


Thanks for that I thought I waswas getting an injury of some sort aches and pains I can handle


See how you go. You should just slow jogging as laura advises so nothing too strenuous. If you feel ok then stick with the programme. If it gets worse then rest up a few days with RICE


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