Speed run

And it certainly proved to be by my standards 31.48.03 my fastest 5k ever whoop whoop . I got up and was out of the house for 6.45 it was warm even at that time & sunny , I thought reyt speed run girl . To tell you the truth I don't like being out of my comfort zone but I thought go push your self lass its a speed run ! The gremlins where saying you will pay for this , you know what happened last time , I told em to sod off & it paid off . So pleased to see I'm progressing ( just hope I don't pay for it ) . Happy running folks .

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  • Off like a rocket Rockette! Well done - that's a GREAT time! Hope the legs feel okay later today!

  • Ha ha thanks Aussie gtc I do !

  • Wohoo go girl! Yeah sometimes you just have to kick ass! You might need a club note but what the hell! Yeehah!

  • Wow respect Rockette! I've never yet managed a time that good - and suspect I never will!

    Hope there are no ill effects - don't want another stint on the injury couch.

  • Oh I know ullyrunner , hope I

    Manage to keep

    Clear of that injury couch .

  • I know misswobble , I probably will , got a personal best swimming last night didn't go till 9 pm , then up at and running early doors , what's happening to me ! . How are you ? Hope all is well & when is your race ?

  • Well done you... A little tip which I now and then think about if I'm struggling is to imagine the ground your running on is hot ashes, so you tend to touch the ground quicker and lighter. I also recommend a very good pair of trainers that give you the best support and maximum gel in sole base. Keep it up ps I also wear knee supports that wrap around the knee joint not the bandage type.

  • Thanks getalifechuck ( luv the name ) like that hot ashes tip will try that .

  • Excellent Rockette, but make sure you have a good break and make your next run an easy pace. Let's do this speed thing slowly.

  • Thanks ianodatruffle , I've got a long run next , would you just do a steady 5k on my next run & leave that long one till later ?

  • Just take your long run at a steady pace. Look at this runnersworld.co.uk/general/... and it may surprise you how slow you should be running.

    We all become aware of our "achilles heels" and that we don't want to be martyrs to them. So better slow and steady than fast and out of action. I have to admit, it is an age thing, but will accept that gracefully and know that progress may be gentle. I am sure you agree.

  • I know what's happening to us!!! I think I've been body-snatched!!!

    I was running downhill the other night about 10.00 pm, free as a bird, wondering why the hell I left it til nearly 60 to start this running lark. I could kick myself I really could. Wasting years on being fat and unhealthy. Still, turning things round now.

    I think I ought to get swimming too as we are about to lose our pool. They are building another one but I hear it could be just a much smaller, fun pool. Tut!

  • Do you know I always think that , oh well better late than never

  • You are right, but you know, the young never appreciate anything. This magic gift is so much more valuable to us oldies and we won't let it go lightly.

    Keep running, keep smiling, misswobble.

  • Fantastic time!! Keep up with what feels comfortable for you, no more injuries for Rocket Rockette!! :)

  • Thanks Carole , yes a nice slow steady runt next one

  • Run lol

  • Wow Rockette! Seriously impressed. Fantastic achievement. Be proud.

  • Thank you hope I don't suffer no after affects , just been out wi dog in woods now youngest daughter wants me to go on a bike ride jeez !

  • Forgot to say rockette, it's 6th july. Aaaaagh!

  • O.M.G ! Not long , you will do great all the best & enjoy .

  • Excellent time! Well done you!

  • Thanks Tomas

  • Fabulous well done you.. Great feeling to progress like that :)

  • Thanks juicyju I kept repeating your mantra push that body lol , won't be doing it on a regular basis , once a week me thinks !

  • Fantastic achievement and a great time. Well done :)

  • Oh gawd, mines 55 minutes and likely to stay that way ! well done you

  • Thanks grannyjudes , that may be last time I do it lol !

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