Not a spelling mistake! Not normally a morning runner today for the third time in the programme I jumped( well ok crawled) out of bed at 645 am and went for run 3 week 7. It went well and I took the hill route(left not right) again. AND I saw a deer running down the road ahead of me!When I lived in the Highlands this was not unusual but here....very rare!So an added bonus.Onwards to week 8! Happy running everyone!

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  • How lovely. I once saw a muntjac run out of my neighbour's garden, across the road and into a garden on the other side. That was surprising I can tell you, since we live in a reasonably large town :)

  • I wouldn't have seen it if I had n't listened to Laura!I tend to look down at my feet but am trying to look ahead when I run..

  • Oh Deer indeed! How fantastic! Glad you had a good run :-) onwards to week 8! Whoop whoop! Not long until we graduate! I still can't believe it! Xx

  • I know!!I going to buy a t-shirt but not just yet as I don't want to jinx it!

  • Good innit! Running free with the wildlife. Makes you feel happy to be out doesn't it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks!

  • Sounds like you've got lovely surroundings to run in. Well done for getting up that early to enjoy them :)

  • Thank you...i

  • That sounds lovely - you must live in a beautiful place! I've just done W7R3 too - onwards and upwards for us both!

  • We should graduate at the same time so YAY!!!

  • You should have given chase, if the author of Born to Run is to be believed.

  • :-)....it was at the end and had nothing left to chase with lol!!

  • Wow. That's an advert for early morning runs if ever I saw one ;)

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