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Survived the first week of Juneathon, yippee!

Stats on first week of Juneathon, worst bit is the blogging, I've never got much to say ;)

June 2013

Cross Stretch W/Shop Fri 7 ASV 40:00

Body Pump Fri 7 ASV 40:00

L.I. Aerobics Fri 7 ASV 50:00

Walk (Speed) Thu 6 Aberdeen 1.00 km 10:00

Run (General) Thu 6 Jacobs Ladder... 5.17 km 38:00

Walk (General) Wed 5 Local forest ... 6.24 km 1:20:00

Body Pump Wed 5 ASV 40:00

Bike (General) Wed 5 ASV 6.00 km 20:00

Pilates Wed 5 ASV 1:00:00

BLT class Tue 4 ASV 50:00

Body Pump Tue 4 ASV 50:00

Run (General) Tue 4 Jacobs Ladder... 5.40 km 42:00

Bike (General) Mon 3 ASV 11.15 km 35:51

L.I Aerobics Mon 3 ASV 50:00

Walk (Social) Sun 2 Aberdeen 3.91 km 53:00

Run (Run-Walk) Sun 2 Aberdeen 5.18 km 50:35

Run (General) Sat 1 Aberdeen 4.01 km 28:18

Hopefully next week will be nice weather too as it really helps with the early morning runs.

Have managed to run, well jog, OK then shuffle up Jacobs Ladder plus about 200M of the steep Abbothall Rd which leads onto JL, not once but twice :)

Many thanks to Greenlegs for keeping me company all week, it helps no end to have you there Greeners. Also thanks to Icandoit who gave me the info for my latest favourite route.

This post is beginning to sound like an awards speech :) so I'll shut up and wish everyone a happy weekend.

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Good grief Oldgirl I feel tired just reading that list!

Well done.


Wow. You must be one fit person. Although I did read your Friday activity as Cross Stitch and wondered for a few seconds why you had included sewing!

Well done anyway and I guess you would not have much time for embroidery! ;D


Haha, the site I log my activity in uses the term Cross Training for the gym classes I forgot to delete the 'cross' when I changed it to Stretch workshop so it would make sense, but it ended up a load of embroidery ;)


Gosh you are so fit we will have to start calling you young girl . :-D Pat


Going well! Hope the weather keeps good for you :)


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