longest run this evening, both for time & distance

The programme I am following for my first HM calls for a mix of running styles. Tonight it was an easy jog. I was pleased to be able to keep going for an hour and covered 8.5k both firsts for me in longest time and distance. I felt I could have gone on to complete 10k but that was not the objective this evening. I also took a drink and food with me for the first time. I did not use either until 30 minutes in and I'm not certain how much difference it made but I felt good at the end, so probably helped.

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  • Sounds like the training you're following is working. Good distance covered in the time. Good luck with your 10k :)

  • Thanks Paul

  • Training for the GNR going well then? I started taking fuel out too (high 5 sports drink) does give you a boost, whether this is down to the fuel itself or the psychological benefit who knows :) I've had almost 2 weeks rest from long runs in a recovery phase and was meant to be ramping it up again tonight but I've come down with a cold so I'm feeling sorry for myself instead. Good luck with the rest of your training and see you on race day!

  • Yes, I'm very pleased with this evenings run. We will need to sort a GNR C25K meeting place.

  • That sounds like a great plan, would be great to meet other c25k'ers who've made it to HM distance :)

  • That sounds like an excellent plan you're on, similar to mine. Is yours one of the BUPA plans? I sort of cobbled mine together from an existing plan I found online and with the help of the good folk here. Well done on your long run; it sounds ace. :-) I can drink while running but not yet tried eating anything. Is it challenging at first?

  • Hi Miles, yes I did find eating a challenge it may have been the choice of food in almonds. My stomach felt slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes. I going to try jelly babies next - think I saw it on here. The plan I am following has been put together by Liz Yelling Performance which I got via the NSPCC website here nspcc.org.uk/get-involved/j...

    All the best


  • Thanks for that link, Ray; I'm going to have a jolly good read of that as it looks interesting and I may be able to use some of it myself.

    I've got some of the '9 Bar' energy bars, but not yet tried them and certainly not while running. I will do soon; Jelly Babies I've heard recommended a number of times, so that's a good option.

    I thought eating while on the move may be a challenge. I can just about drink water and that often requires much forethought!

    Good luck with your training; do please keep us updated on it. :-)

  • Interesting. I had never considered eating on the run, and was wondering the same as Miles_Yonder.

    I imagine an energy bar, but I suppose it could have been anything .... a Sunday roast?!

    Sounds like you did well, especially if you felt like you could have done the full 10k

  • I spilt the gravy when I tried the roast so went for a few almonds instead.

  • :D that made me laugh! I can just imagine Ray opening a pouch of a running belt and producing roast beef, Yorkshires, gravy and taters and munching along whilst running. That'd hit the headlines if done on his HM! :D

  • all things considered I think I'll give the roast a miss. Although I am looking at a better diet to make sure I have sufficient energy during my longer runs. A very nice pasta dish with mushroom, asparagus and pesto sauce this evening :-)

  • It sounds like you are doing well. I hope you realised the significance of your run. 8k (and a smidgeon) is five miles, which is something to be proud of. I know I was when I did my first one.

  • Thanks I did not realise initially but I did a conversion just to see and was pleasantly surprised.

  • That's excellent, well done you! And particularly well done for not giving in to the temptation and tempt fate by over-doing things. Carry on like this, and I'm sure you'll be ready for the HM.

  • Thanks Tomas

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