What Have I got to lose

What Have I got to lose

Well I started the programme today. Week one, day one. It wasn't pleasant and thought I would take the dog out with me which was a bad idea for a beginner runner. Lucky on the side of the hubby is a seasoned runner and about to undertake an Ultra Marathon later this year so set up this techno watch of his for me as well as some helpful hints and tips. Well I ran for most of the intervals which I am so proud of. Its not nice tho and hard work but I am willing to give it another go again so that says something. Everything hurt, Trousers kept falling and dog wanted to stop. Will try again minus the dog and better trousers lol. I will do it and will see you guys at the end. Who is coming along with me? Hopefully as I get going the thighs will also slap a little less. Thank goodness not many seen me out lol. Will be out at the break of dawn on Weds lol x

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  • Well done for getting out there. Great question - what have you got to lose except perhaps a little excess flesh on your thighs and a feeling of embarrassment about others seeing you? Most people start to notice that their body shape starts to look a bit more toned fairly quickly and most of us reach a point where we find we don't even think about being seen by others unless it's to compare the relative friendliness of dog-walkers v other runners.

    Enjoy your rest day and I hope R2 doesn't have the dog/trousers issues like this time!

    PS Are you aiming to join your hubby in his ultra marathon exploits??!!!

  • I am not sure about joining the hubby in the ultra stakes. I have seen him go through a lot to get to this point so its a long way off as of yet. Its a nice thought though. He is good though and being super supportive so that's only a good thing at this point x

  • Very well done on getting out there and running! :-)

    The programme will progress you really nicely and it won't be long before you'll be amazed at how far you've come and just what you can achieve. You'll also be astonished at how very quickly the weeks fly by!

    You will get to a point where you're really not bothered who sees you now. As an early morning runner myself, I enjoy the fact there's hardly anyone about and when I had to run at a 'normal' time once I was a bit apprehensive, but I found that once I was out there, it was fine. As the weeks go by, you'll care less and less about who sees you.

    Good luck for run two! :-)

  • What have you got to lose? Umm those trousers by the sounds of it lol

    Well done on that first run. It's great that you have a supportive and helpful husband.

    As for the dog, I had my dog with me but off the lead during those early weeks so he could pootle and do dog stuff and I could pootle and do running stuff, now it's great to have him with me and I do a mix of off lead and taught him to happily run with me on his lead. I do extend the warm up time though when I have my dog with me.

    Onwards to run 2 (and different trousers)

  • Well done on starting the programme. I had similar issues on my first few runs. I now have trousers that fit, a supportive bra and dog stays home!

    Good luck with the next session.

  • Welcome! Maybe you were wearing 'the wrong trousers'!! Probably not, unless your dog's called Gromit!! Just enjoy from now on....

  • Yes, depends on the dog (and you can run on the spot). I do prefer to go where the dog can be offlead (I find warm cocktail sausage wrapped in foil helps improve recall) but I also have a waist belt with a hands free lead which is very good.

    My strategy for cracking the week 1 podcast was that if I came to an interval where I couldn't run the full minute, that was it... I walked the rest of the podcast. That gave me very clear indications of progress as I worked my way up from half way. The odd thing was that I ran every other day once I'd finally completed Week 1 and never had to do an extra session. Not sure why but it is so easy to go out too fast (for you) when you first start.

  • Yeah my dog is a working cocker spaniel so he basically goes where his nose finds interesting and his road sense isn't the best so I think if he was to come I need to go where he can be let off x

  • Youve conquered the hardest part, getting out there, well done, soon you wont care if others see you ( so long as they don't know you of course :) ) Trust me it wont be long before your hooked like the rst of us, but I'd def sort the trousers and leave the dog home , good luck, this is an amazing programme and this forum one of the best, so supportive

  • Well done for getting out. My dog won't run so stays at home. You will find it's addictive after a while so keep at it.

  • Well done on beginning. The trouser thing happens to most of us I think. I went for a run a few weeks ago and had to hold mine up for the best part of 5k, very distracting. I take my labs if I can have them off the lead for part of the run or if it's just a short fun run. Keep going you will soon be planning an ultra with hubby :)

  • Getting out there the first time is the hardest part and you've done that! CONGRATULATION!

    Before I stepped foot outside, I ran around the livingroom until I got used to running for a few minutes! Haha - smallest track ever! I believe a lot of people have done something similar. Running outside was still difficult to start off with but it soon all falls into place! Take it all at your own pace - I run along at a very slow shuffle pace! Good luck with the plan - it works! Yes and leave the dog at home! That'll come later! Maybe Laura should do a podcast! Mine would need to give instructions of how to run with 2 looney Labradors shooting off in different directions! Haha! :-D

  • Panda every time you write about running around indoors I smile :)

  • Lol it must of been a funny sight! :-D

  • You I instantly had the panda image running around the livingroom. Made me chuckle but I think a podcast would be great x

  • :-D

  • Welcome, and well done for getting started. It does feel hard, but builds up gradually and you will be amazed what you can achieve in a few short weeks. Just take it at your own pace and don't compare yourself to anyone else - especially that überfit hubby of ours.

    Well all be cheering you on. Good luck!

  • Welcome, welcome, welcome.

    What a great question! Well, apart from the obvious, you will lose skin from your knees, from your hands and possibly your chin; also you may lose your front teeth and get a re-shaped nose. Not directly from running, but by running with your dog ~ that is if they are anything like mine!! I cannot urge you enough to leave the dog at home/in the car. They can go for a walk separately.

    Izzie, our hound, is a positive liability when running, and I do speak from bitter personal experience.

    Good luck with the programme, and keep us posted ~ we genuinely are interested and want you to succeed. OK, very few of us will ever progress to a 10K let alone an ultra (we are not worthy), but your achievements are just as important as you hubbys.

  • Wowee you guys put a massive smile on my wee face this morning to see so many great replies. Thank you loads. Honestly. So this morning I was quite sore so I took a leisurely walk to work. Takes about 20 mins normally but today 30 mins and it was great. I have found out the hubbys running trousers fit me that are stretchy, comfy and do not fall down. Yayy. Also accosting some of his half and marathon tshirts which cover all the sins until I start to shift the weight. More importantly again though, comfy. I am not sure if I will join him in his Ultra Marathon exploits. I don't find enjoyment in running as of yet but trying to keep an open mind about it all as I can see the benefits in it and I know if I keep working I will get it.

    The dog will be going out with the hubby until I can find a nice running style and I am comfortable but I am learning. I already know I like to run without things annoying me. Almost Pheobe from Friends where you just go out and run lol. So thanks to all you lovely people. I am currently away to enjoy my Green Tea Banana Smoothie breakfast as I have adapted my eating to a more cleaner rather than stodgy choices.

    Thank you again x I shall keep you all posted x

  • I made the same mistake on my first run. It trebled the stress as I was constantly afraid he would pull me over. I also found the running hurt, and for the next two days I could hardly walk - I was dragging myself around like an old lady (OK so I'm 60, but I don't usually feel that old). Run 2 hurt a bit at the time, but recovery was much quicker (within the same day) and it's got better and better ever since. Today I did Wk 9 Run 2, and I can honestly say I feel better than I've felt in years. I'm even beginning to enjoy the actual running (admittedly usually only the last five minutes "I'm nearly there, I'm nearly there - can't stop now"). Keep going, however difficult it seems at the time. You won't regret it!!

  • Congrats on your first run! Hang in there. The smoothie sounds good.

  • Welcome aboard and well done on taking that first step. I remember aching after my first run but things have improved and hopefully they will for you. Good luck.

  • Well done,, I like your confidence and approach. Your suggestion of doing it again is the best.

  • I'm trying to "recommend" you but the button won't stay down. Congratulating you here instead! :)

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