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Stamina run completed - felt pretty good today

I used the C25k+ stamina podcast again today and felt pretty smooth. Warm up fine, set off at 6mph for 10 mins, then moved up to 6.5mph for 20 mins and finished off with a burst of 5 mins at 7.5mph. (Breathing like a train at the end but it feels so good when it stops ;-). Feeling really chuffed with myself. I do find myself counting 1,2,3,4 (mostly in my head) along with the beat. Today my breathing seemed to get in step as well - weird.

I know this was really pushing it today for me but I did the speed one 2 days ago and found it really good as well. I plan to take the next one a bit more gently. I think wearing my C25K graduate running vest helped - it arrived yesterday.

Happy Running Thursday all

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Well done! I like the Stepping Stones podcasts and use them all the time. Like you, I count as I find it helps me keep my rythm, breathe, two, three four, sorta thing

Good news about the vest! If you see someone giving you a wierd hand signal it'll be Ullyrunner! LOL


Thanks misswobble. Do you use any other podcasts?

I'll keep an eye out for Ullyrunner


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