w8 run 1. Felt pretty good :)

well what about that. I ran a whole 28 mins tonight :) it was hard but it was good (if u know what I mean) I can't believe I can run for this amount of time in such a short time, I'm two stone over weight and am on week ten of giving up smoking so i consider that a bloody good achievement :) (pat on the back me). next run Friday before I go camping, then final 28 on Monday after camping (in the rain I may add) then on to week 9. unbelievable!!!!

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  • You deserve that pat on the back. That's a great achievement, 28 minutes and no smokes. You must be feeling fantastic, the weight will soon go too. Have fun camping :)

  • I feel fab :) and the weight has finally started to move everso slightly so I'm well chuffed :)

  • Well done, lucky you going camping, I bet you find all the putting up tent, banging in tent pegs etc goes much better now you are fitter. I love camping, cant wait to go again

  • Fantastic well done, amazing achievement isn't it. Can't believe we're nearly done now! :)

  • Many pats on the back from a fellow ex-smoker and C25K graduate. You've done the hard part of the programme now. Good luck with the weight. Mine's starting to come off slowly too. xxx

  • Good deal and inspiration.... trying to wuit smolking here too and i just started C to 5K

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