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To hot to trot!

I finally graduated on Sunday, its taken me longer than 9 weeks as Ive only been doing 2 runs a weeks due to all my other fitness stuff. This evenings run was a killer, it was so hot and the heat was a proper energy zapper I had to stop a few times to simply get some air!

Whats the best idea for hot weather running? shorter time? slower pace? shorter distance?

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Congratulations on your graduation. A great achievement :)


Well done,,, Congratulations on your great achievements... Happy running


Congratulation on your graduation.

Plenty of water and easier, shorter runs comes to mind to beat the heat. But possibly also a better frame of mind... going out with the intention of enjoying your run rather than dreading the heat?


Stick to the shade as much as possible. Run with your back to the sun if being in the sun is unavoidable. And avoid going out in the heat of the day - sometimes it is just too hot to run !


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