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This new site is nice and clean isn't it? Although I couldn't find the "Ask a Question" button - hence this question appearing on the regular "post" bit of the site.

I've just finished a very gruelling job and just as I was trying to get back to normal I have got some sort of lergy - sore throat and generally feeling absolutely sh**e! Lemsips are keeping it at bay, but I'm wondering if a saunter outside in my running gear might be a good thing? Then again it might not. Hmmmm..... (fondles imaginary moustache in a quizzical way).

Any thoughts from fellow lergy sufferers?



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Hi Dan. Sorry bout your lurgy/lergy. I think a runny saunter in especially neon tights would help see it off. Just very gentle with no goal in mind.. walk breaks allowed or even stop and sit down breaks.. As long as you don't feel chesty. It sounds like your head needs clearing of all those words you've been generating in that intense job you've been on. Give it a go but give up if it feels rotten. Hope you're better soon. :)

danzargoGraduate in reply to Jaqs99

Thank you jaqs. Appreciate that.


Probably just your body saying after all that work it needs a rest However I think a wee relaxing run will make you feel better.... Not too fast and not too long mind and then permission to lie on the couch Hope you feel better soon Dan

danzargoGraduate in reply to Fitfor60

Gently does it seems to be the order of the day. Thank you!

You know you want to be told to go out. And you are probably going to go out. Just remember treat yourself with TLC and take it easy. Your immune system is under pressure so anything that speeds your heart rate up will lower it more. Fresh air blowing away the cobwebs-good. Raised heart rate puffing. - bad. Take care.

danzargoGraduate in reply to Realfoodieclub

Thank you RFC. You know me too well!


Why not try a gentle saunter? Stop if you feel worse. may help to blow the cobwebs away!

The rule a lot of runners follow is if it's above the neck run, below the neck then don't run.

I don't get ill often (touch wood) but a year ago just before I was due to have my Gallbladder out I got some sort of lurgy which manifested as very swollen glands in my neck, I decided to run to see if it would help as I did not want them to cancel my op and spread to my chest, in fact it ended up knocking me for 6, I can't say for sure if it was the running that made it worse, but I can say it certainly did not help.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hope you feel better soon. Think I'd be more inclined to walk rather than run if I had the lurgy. Having just had 2weeks off with a chest infection that came out of nowhere and completely floored me, I'd be erring on the side of caution. Sorry Sweetie, that wasn't what you wanted to hear was it. :(

Get well soon


I can't answer your question, but there is no Questions section on the new site. Apparently when you post you have the option of selecting Post or Question and there will be some kind of differentiation between the two coming soon, although they will all be on the same page. Get well before you run hard...........oh, and keep smiling.

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