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Walking with lurgy

Everybody on here seems to go out running with coughs and colds, but I do not want to risk a set back and know these things can drag on if I'm not sensible. You put me to the test today though! All those lovely Saturday runs in the spring sunshine. Plus I'm obviously feeling a lot better, although the first half hour of spluttering and coughing in the morning is not pretty. I chafed after lunch, I cheered myself up by digging some old favourites out of my wardrobe that now fit (some are even too big). But it wasn't enough. So I told my husband I was going out for a walk. I was strictly admonished not to overdo it. Unfortunately he knows me too well.

It was good to be out again, and I did just walk, I really was good. I did my 5k running route and I loved it.

We seem to be a long way behind you weatherwise. Very few daffodils are out and only in sheltered spots, mostly there are only crocuses and snowdrops. The trees are still bare and stark against the grey sky. It was more like winter than spring from the temperature point of view. But there are signs that we're on the right side of winter. Some hedges and shrubs have put out pale green leaves, not many, but if you look they are there. Still no sign of blossom on the apple and cherry trees. The rough ground where the wild flowers blossom in late spring and summer is still just boring rough, stony ground. The common just looks like old tired grass, hay-colour. No indication that in a few months, or maybe just weeks, it will be a riot of colour with dozens of different flowers (whose names I don't know!). Yellow, red, pink, humming with bees and insects. No, nature was waiting today - like me. The sky chucked down a few drops of cold rain and I walked my 5.1 km, peering curiously into people's gardens, watching the fit young men playing football on the local playing fields (well, hubby wasn't with me!), seeing dogs capering, a couple of boys playing with a remote-controlled car, Easter decorations hanging off garden shrubs.

Walking isn't as good as running, but it's a darned sight better than nothing.

And soon I will be running again.

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I think that's the right thing to do! I don't run if I'm ill, it's too counterproductive for me! Sounds like a lovely walk was good for you too!

Keep getting better and look after yourself.

E xxx


Hi you... what a beautiful post.

I was with you there and could see it all...even the fit young men playing football...( I'm not that old!) :)

It sounds wonderful and you are very sensible! I had a run this morning before we headed home, it was okay, but still taking it steady. ( Post later)

It is so good to be outside though isn't it, and as you say a brisk long walk, can really set you up for the day!

The runs will be there when the illnesses have gone, and maybe nature will have moved on little by then!

Lovely words and thank you for sharing...feel better soon x :)

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What a beautiful post JaySee! You are right to wait until you feel ready before running again but fab that you got out for a walk anyway. Hope you are back out there soon🙂!

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You're very wise to wait until you're fully fit before running again. I've had far too many stints in the IC from running with a cold. Definitely not worth it (but it is very very frustrating) :)

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Check you out, ogling the young footballers ;) Lovely post JaySee, you'll soon be running again :) x


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