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Aussie210K - No Run

Evening all,

Just a quick update on the Aussie210K plan. Today was a "no run". A few reasons:

1) Knees a bit sore (not too bad)

2) 3 hours sleep

3) No food today

A long day at work and a long night working meant no run, no fun today... I expect to rectify this situation tomorrow...

I am posting this because:

1) I know some of you are keeping track of me... :)

2) I want EVERYONE to know it's okay to miss a run - life gets in the way sometimes.

3) Rest is important, as is sleep, as is energy...

The plus side is if I run tomorrow then I run again on Saturday so my 6K may actually turn into a cheeky Parkrun... come on PB!!!

Happy running folks - stay happy!

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Good decision and important points...well made! (Why no food today ?) Enjoy your next run :)


Mainly stupidity on my behalf and a symptom of being a management consultant locked in all day meetings - lessons will be learned!

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Thanks for the update Aussie. I am keeping tabs on all of you lot :)

People often say that a bad run is better than no run. Not always true. A good run tomorrow is better than a bad run today, there are times you know you'd be 'pushing it' and you're right to steer clear. Bring on Good Run Thursday and World Beating Saturday :D

Eating and Resting should be the order of the day.


I could just about manage a day without sleep , I do have days without a run But NO food absolutely not , no way in fact almost feel faint just thinking about it You know you need that fuel to give you energy so next time make sure you get food organised in advance You ought to see what I carry in my handbag just in case . Anyway enjoy parkrun


To clarify - no breakfast or lunch... :)


Yep...sensible decision you will rock on Saturday :-)


I think that sounds like a wise move ;) Good luck with the PB.


I would never skip breakfast. Lunch at a push. I would have emergency eats in my bag. I aways have!


I'm with you miss wobble


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