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Curiousity, vanity and an extra 1k!

I felt a bit creaky this morning so decided it was just going to be an 'easy' 5k today ( how I love that I can say that!). A beautiful morning and I am running down my favourite farm track . Now normally I only meet the farmer in his tractor or the occasional dog walker, but what is this I see? It's another runner coming towards me, a young man out running with a dog. We say good morning and pass each other but now I'm intrigued. I thought I was the 'only runner in the village'!

Perhaps he's doing C25K. Perhaps he's seen me running and been inspired! Was he wearing earphones? Is he doing intervals?

It's no good - I decide I have to loop round so I can have a snoop. So I do two sides of a triangle which brings me back face to face with him but by now he is walking. No headphones so probably not C25k - just tired.

Now of course I am facing away from home and can't lose face by turning around so have to continue and end up doing an unplanned extra kilometre for my trouble.

Of course, I should have just stopped and asked him, but that would have been too easy!

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Must admit I love to play 'Spot the fellow C25K-er'. I've been out running or walking the dog and seen a runner suddenly slow down to walking pace. I can't help counting the seconds until they start running again! Always happy to give an undergrad a friendly, knowing wave. (or anyone else for that matter).


lol. Great story but at least it helped increase your total distance for your run ;o)


Ha ha. I admit I would have done the same


This is a great example of why men will never understand women! :-)


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