I've excelled myself. This morning's run was to be 6.2K, but I managed a whole 100m before turning back and hobbling back to the car with a rather sore knee.

Hey ho, such is life.

It's now strapped-up with a Vulkan (brilliant, and almost worth injuring yourself for) and I hope it will be well enough to run on tomorrow.

Can anyone beat 100m?


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14 Replies

  • Oh no! I hope you get that knee sorted soon. Have a great weekend :)

  • Oh tarnation! What a crock of wotsit! I hope you'll soon be back out there. I have this dread of all things elasticated. I reckon you can get to rely on them to prop you up and then when you take them away your body crumples in on itself. This is not based on any medical evidence mind you, just one of my crackpot ideas. Mind you I am considering an elasticated ankle support. It comes to us all in the end. Sigh

    You have to get your knee right sharpish. That dog won't walk itself!

  • Izzie would LOVE to walk herself, but she's not going to! The Mrs or our son and heir will have to come good on his promise to walk her every day!! Yeah, right!!!!

    I have used such devices since my school days where I did my knees in with long and triple jump. They have proved invaluable to me, and long may they continue to do so as long as I need them.

  • Oh dear, that's not good. :-( That strapping looks the business though and should have you out and running again in no time at all. Hope you feel better soon. :-)

  • It MUST be better for tonight or tomorrow morning as I'm due to take the Mrs out for her W4 runs (again). Which way is east?

  • I once had to bail after less than a minute. Had hurt my hip previous week and rested until it no longer hurt in general use. Warm up walk felt OK, and I was feeling really confident, but within 20 seconds it started to niggle and at around 50 it went from niggly to painful. Felt really stupid pulling up and walking home. Waited another week and all was fine.

  • A week! A week! I can't wait that long....I need it tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

    I hope yours is fully operational nowadays and doesn't cause any problems for you in any way. Mine comes and goes, but has mostly been gone for lots of years now....fingers crossed.

  • Yup hip is now fine. I still have to pay attention to kind of push it forwards as I'm running, and sometimes towards the end of a longish run (ie after 45 minutes) I can start feeling it - but I've learned to stretch it as well and that is definately helping ! Can you run with your strapping on ? My hubby uses knee supports for sport all the time now (apparently he used up his lifetime allocation of cartiledge in his youth).

  • Oh dear. But you did the right thing in listening to your body and calling it a day. I hope you heal quickly, and that the Mrs won't be too dissapointed if you can't do W4 with her.

  • Thanks. It will be better soon, and I will get out with Mrs 'Sally', even if it means using crutches or hopping on my right leg!!

  • Get Izzie to take MrsSC out for her run and you rest that painful knee or go on your bike. Take care.

  • Or you could just walk ? Hubby accompanied me on some of my week 3 outings. We walked together, then when I got a run interval I ran ahead of him for about 2/3 of the interval then turned and ran back to him. Must have looked damn peculiar to the locals (we were on our hols in Rome) but it worked for us !

  • Now that is a damned good idea! Now, where's the passport so we can go to Rome. Good job it's not run out!!

  • Hope your knee feels better soon

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