Just want to say Thank You!

A big big thank you to all the lovely people who posted tips for running up hills. I tried tackling my first proper hill this morning as part of Juicju's Dune June. It wasn't Everest or anything like it but, as I've studiously avoided gradients as much as possible because of the knee problems I've had, this was my first real one.

I remembered to keep my cadence the same, I remembered to shorten my stride, I remembered to lift my knees a bit higher, I concentrated on my breathing and, most importantly, I looked straight ahead rather than at the summit. And I did it without any problems. Puffed and panted a fair bit but nothing to get distracted by. My legs were a bit achy after I'd finished as well but other than that, no problems. I was so happy and relieved that I went and registered for our local Parkrun!!! :) :) :) Ooooo errrr, think I may have got a bit carried away but it's done now :)


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16 Replies

  • Well done ancientmum that's great to get that hill tackled, I shall be trying that tactic myself soon. Hoorah you've registered for Parkrun, let us all know how you get on when you do it. x :-)

  • Cheers m'dear. Like I say, it wasn't Everest but it's a start. :)

  • Sorry, but the Tubigrip is staying put. It's my comfort blanket! Besides, AncientDad is having knee trouble from playing cricket and keeps threatening to 'borrow' it. (On a par with your OH borrowing the chest strap ??) :)

  • wayay go you ! I dpont do hills either, but maybe you have jolted me into it ?

  • Thanks GJ. Suspect hills are very good for stamina but very bad for joints :)

  • Well done, you'll be looking for higher and bigger hills in no time ;)

  • Thanks Paul but don't hold your breath. I'm going to be taking it mighty carefully. Don't want to end up on the injury couch again. Slowly slowly working my way up to the uber-hill!

  • Look out uber-hill ;)

  • Well done AncientMum before long they will hold no fear at all. Don't forget to pump those arms too, it all helps. Good luck for your parkrun :)

  • Yes you are, of course, right. The missing ingredient - the arms!! How did I forget them. Thank you m'dear :)

  • Wahey Epic Mum ! You truly are epic :-) Fab stuff , you go girlfriend ! :-) xxx

  • Hahaha am definitely feeling quite epic as I sit here watching Star Trek and sorting socks into pairs ;) xxx

  • Rock n' Roll , yeah ! :-) xxx

  • Ha ha! One minute you're conquering Everest and the next you're sorting socks! You have to keep grounded Ancientmum!

  • Well done you! It's the going down that I find scary!! You will love Parkrun. I was really not convinced I should go at my first one (some of the people look so fit), but they were all so welcoming and so friendly - I'm over halfway to my red t-shirt now and feel really wrong if I have to miss starting Saturday that way. Let us know how you get on.

  • That's the go!!!

    re the running cadence thing. I am finding that by using the fixed cadence MP3s at Podrunner djsteveboy.com/podrunner.html I am running more "consistently" -- Beware , the music is that terrible techno stuff , but just adhering to the beat for the entire duration of the run, up and down hill, I was able today to run a 5K easily with hardly a raised breath at all. You have to experiment a bit to find the cadence that suits you -- I find from 165-180 BPM suits me best -- warming up for 5 minutes at 165 and finishing up at 180BPM

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