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Couch to 5K
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Thank You Couch to 5K!

I'm an overweight middle aged smoker, although busy didn't have a regular exercise regime. Initially I was just accompanying my daughter because she was running in a remote area and I like being outdoors during the lighter nights.

I never expected to achieve anything more than a brisk walk and occasional light jog alongside her. I'm astonished (as well as elated and proud and feeling awesome!) to say I have just completed WK5 R3 with room for a bit more! This is an incredible plan for those who are new to running or fearful of taking up some form of exercise , it works exactly as it says it will in the programme. As a bonus, I've lost 5Kg without making great changes to my eating habits, though on the whole I tend to eat healthily anyway, this is proof that exercise, alongside a good diet, is the key to weight management. Now I'm just waiting for that moment when I realise to keep this running going to greater distances - the smoking will need to go!

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Well done for getting out there. You're obviously a strong person so I'm sure the smoking can become a thing of the past! Good luck and keep it up.


Thank you - I hope so too!


Well done. It is truly a great programme. I could never do any distance at all when I was at school, I was a speed runner through choice, but I also am amazed with the programme. Good luck if you decide to stop smoking. Keep running.


Hi Maturelady - I've just been reading through your blog, and what an inspiration you are! Your motivation comes through so well and gives me courage to continue.


Well done on the milestone that is W5R3! It's amazing how this program trains your body to do all the things you never thought it could do isn't it? That first 20 min run is something you never think you can do but then....hey presto!!! You do it.

Congrats again.

And stop the fags NOW!!!

Happy running


First of all & like everyone above has said - a massive Well Done for getting though so far & W5R3 too with spare left over - you'll be finding that moment when you realise you can keep on running will be just around the next corner. Just keep going out with your daughter especially as we have such lovely long days now & you'll be fine.

As for the smokes - well only you will know when you are ready to pack them in too (it took me 3 attempts but I finally quit 20 years of smoking last Sept).... even if you don't feel ready now - why not order yourself the NHS quit kit, it's free and full of really good info ... makes you think.... if you are ready then I would strongly recommend you go along to the NHS stop smoking sessions - it's like a support network like this, but in a physical group - or they can do one to one - phone& text support.......

Remember the feeling when you look back and think wow - I did that... imagine the buzz looking back over a smoke free week and thinking - WOW - I can exist without them.

Above all else - you are making massive strides towards a healthier you which can only be a good thing.

Good luck & Happy Running


How lovely to read about someone doing c25k almost by accident, and enjoying it! Keep up the good work - if you have the determination needed to do the running, when you're ready, I'm sure you'll throw off the smoking too, if that's what you decide to do.

All the best for week 6, and onward!


After reading this, I stopped reading blogs, put my running gear on, and went out for a half hour run. Thanks for getting me moving again! :)


Well done you are doing brilliantly. I managed to stop the fags through this programme as very early on I realised I couldn't actually breathe. I feel so much better now and it's a great feeling to have your lungs filled with fresh air rather than tar!! Good luck- you can do it!



Well done you! Keep up the hard work!


Thanks to everyone for the motivating comments. I started Wk6 Run 1 yesterday and it was a slog, My legs felt so heavy, but I vow to continue. I do think it was down to the fact in one leg I was carrying a full English breakfast and in the other a Traditional Roast dinner - over indulgence of Fathers day!


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