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Hi just realised how to pick up my badge, have continued to run on treadmill but completed weeks ago now and currently run 35 to 40 mins absolutely hooked. Runon guess what my young colleague has started the c25k and on w7, must have been that beating with the sun, lol. Thanks everyone for all your support at that time you were all right of course, I AM A RUNNER, woo hoo...


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  • Woo hoo hope your pleased with the badge.

  • Thanks feeling good

  • How fantastic - YOU ARE INDEED A RUNNER. Lovely to hear about the young colleague - probably a good thing you didn't take up my other suggestion of eating them for breakfast! :))

  • It is fantastic, cannot believe I have stuck to it, sometimes legs feel a bit heavy but at other times feel like a spring lamb, if only. I am lacking confidence for outside but I am going to try this week will let you know how I get on. My young colleague has total respect now, lol.

  • And you deserve respect :) I've read on this forum that road running uses a few different muscles to treadmills and your feet may take a bit of extra pounding but it is so well worth it just to be able to watch the world go by - and please, do not lack confidence - it is not what the world makes of you but what you make of the world that is important :)

  • I did it, woo hoo. Have just run 31 mins outside, I was determined but it was such a perfect evening, no breeze, not too cold, slightly damp but perfect for running. I have passed a woman walking her horse and a chap being pulled with his dog in a wheelchair both of whom said hi. The time went quicker than on t/mill and could have went further but thought be sensible as I ran up and down two small banks, will do it again Wednesday all being well. Having been sat in windowless office all day really enjoyed it, you are right of course it is only I/ we who make life as good or as bad as we want it to be and right now it's all good. Thanks for support and belief.

  • That's fantastic June - you notice so much more when you are running outdoors - though a horse would be difficult to miss under any circumstances. I find the world just seems to be a friendlier place somehow. So now you are both an outdoor and indoor runner - either way you're a Runner :)

  • Thanks runon, really enjoyed it. Lots of horses around here so definitely can't miss them, only hope I miss the droppings. Will never do a marathon but hey ho enjoy this window of me time and yes finally feel I am a runner. Many years ago ran for harriers but sure that was a different lifetime...

  • The badge looks great, congrats on graduating. I run on the treadmill to escape the heat, summer is not over in chile. But as its getting warmer in the UK have you considered moving outside. What is great about the treadmill is that my knees appreciate it so there are some good points to mixing it up

  • Hi, over the moon with badge. The weather is set to improve here so definetly going to mix it up just to prove I can do it outside, if not I will just build it up run by run, confidence thing I think, keep thinking it's the treadmill keeping me going but I am determined to do a local park run at local Hardwick Hall, will keep you posted. Thanks for reply

  • Just wanted you to know have just ran 31 mins outside and loved it. This girl can (55) lol.

  • Thats great and Hardwick Hall will be great too!! Its nice to have a bit of mix between the treadmill and outside. I love outside and i am starting to appreciate the treadmill. Nothing beats the great outdoors though- seeing wildlife etc - glad you enjoyed it and gave it a go :)

  • Cheers, feeling good. Will always use gym but it was good to get out

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