Run past school bully!

When I was at school I wasn't in the least popular, I was always one from last to be picked on sports teams due to lack of co-ordination (I could throw a ball and it would land at my feet!! Lol) and I wasn't interested in fashion, but this isn't some sob story, no!

So I'm out running and who should I come across but one of the school bullys! I didn't punch her in the face, I didn't attempt to trip her up or throw things at her, I simply ran past her and she even said hello. I was tempted to give her the Vs in response but I'm meant to have been an adult now for quite a long time so I resisted the urge.

But I did think, 'ha!, who's coordinated now, CAROL?!?!' Not that I'm still sore about it or anything!


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26 Replies

  • BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  • Haha! This is so funny! At least you thought about giving her the V's as you sprinted past her! My friend and I was bullied and were the last to be picked for everything in sport too! Infact, no one wanted us on their teams when we were the last 2 left! Haha I can laugh now! My friend is doing R4L with me next month and she did her first 10k last week! We are still rubbish at sport in general though! ;-) haha!

  • Sweet! Non competitive suits me :-) enjoy your r4l

  • Haha - I would have definitely mentally been giving her the V's. I'm sure she's envious of you now, gliding past in all your glory!

  • Thank goodness I didn't trip up or it could have been very different! Lol

  • Hee hee (gleeful cackle) I was a fatty and rubbish at sport. I could swim though so that did help a lot as I was always in the swimming team. Never got any slimmer though. Sigh

    I am now though, since running! Folks don't recognise me these days. My sister was always as slender as a reed and could play netball and run, dance blah blah but I was the fat one. She used to make jokes about me having short, fat legs. She is now the one who is fat!

    We can be magnanimous though. No need to drag up past traumas as we can run now, we can lose weight, be healthy and achieve our running goals. You can just have a little smirk to yourself if you pass her again.

    Have fun!

  • Thanks :-)

  • Smug and pink........

  • Oh yeah, that's me!

  • Love it :)

  • What a stroke of luck! I'm glad she passed you when you were looking your (running) best.

  • excellent, you showed her! i think you showed alot of self control with those hands!

    its surprising how school memories stay with you, i was always desperate to be picked for netball but always ended up being one of the last :(

    But i did used to do the 75m sprint so maybe running is my destiny? tho not sprinting by any means :)

  • The only thing I was any good at in sport was the high jump. Radom and weird!

  • That's weird, high jump was the only thing I could do as well. Probably because it doesn't involve hand to eye coordination :)

  • Lol. I resorted to doing very, very, very deep fielding in rounders!

  • WELL DONE YOU!! :) :) :) :)

  • lol, love it!

  • Brilliant

  • They say it's not what you now, it's who you know don't they? But your story isn't complete.... what happened next? Did you fall madly and deeply? Or shall we not go there?

  • Awwwwwwwww!! :D

  • I love this. I just bet you felt so smug. Revenge can be very sweet can't it!

  • Hehe!

  • Your school bully was called Carol. Priceless!

  • You should have seen him! Heh

  • I use to pretend the ball wasnt coming towards me !

  • Lol. My head was some kind of ball magnet!!

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