My own personal snowy Poppy Run🌺

My own personal snowy Poppy Run🌺

There isn't any Poppy runs here so I ran my own private one today. My son's school had a wonderful, powerful Remebrance Day ceremony yesterday that the children did all on their own, with the teachers helping out in the background. There were stories read about family members experiences during war, poems about PTSD, poems about what it means to be Canadian, beautiful songs sang, in addition to the laying of the wreath and the last post and Reveille being played. The pictures of soldiers that were all linked to someone at the school (in addition to one of the Educational Assistants who had served in her younger years) was incredibly powerful. I'm not sure how I held it all together, I'm such an emotional person 😢.

I got up this morning, saw all the wonderful posts and pictures of everyone's Poppy runs, looked outside, saw it was only -7C and no wind. I finished my coffee, had some toast, revamped my running attire from my last snowy run in hopes of not overheating this time and set out.

It was a tough go. I decided to run from home so I knew I would be running through varied terrain, from nice cleared paths, to a light skiff of snow to large snow drifts thanks to the last 2 days of very high winds. I was smart and wore my slip-on spikes today so didn't slip once (even when I hurdled one of the smaller snow drifts - fun, but not smart, Allie!). My legs were heavy but at 3k, Doug & the Slugs "Making it work" came on, followed by the Jitters "Last of the Red Hot Fools". It felt so timely and helped me power through the last 2k. I wasn't singing on my run today (instead I was thinking of the ceremony from yesterday) so I was likely running too fast, and my legs were still tired from Wednesday's long run. But I slogged through it and I feel great now.

🌺 Lest we forget 🌺


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22 Replies

  • The ceremony sounds terrific and as you say emotional and in turn your run sounds wonderful with time to reflect

  • Thank you. It was definitely a different run for me - I'm usually the crazy lady running down the road, playing air drums and singing out loud, but it wasn't in me today, nor did it seem appropriate. It was a much more somber run

  • Thats beautiful SaskAlliecat...not just the scenery, but your thoughtful, caring dedication.. a lovely Poppy run.🌺

    I'm glad the spikes worked, and tired heavy legs after Wednesdays 9k is understandable... I'm in awe of you running in those weather conditions, Well done to you.😊xx

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.xx

  • Thanks Jan ☺️.

    I don't really have much choice when it comes to running in these conditions. If I don't, I'd be relegated to the treadmill or have to stop running for the next 5-6 months which just isn't going to happen. I've been lucky so far with getting calm days on my run days and know any hill or speed work will probably be on the treadmill. At least I have options to change things up.

    When do you think you'll do your 10k? I'm going to have to let the weather dictate when I do mine likely.

  • Im doing 5k tomorrow, then a 4k during the week. It may be next Sunday when hubby plays golf...but I'm getting excited about😊x

  • I know what you mean. It's hard to wait and be a responsible runner with rest days and sufficient breaks between long runs, I just want to be a b210k graduate, too. I have 2 degrees in my professional life, now I want 2 running badges,as well 🏅🏅😆

  • All good things....and all that..😉

    You didn't pick up any niggles or strains I hope? I think this three different length run system is great. I may well carry on doing this from now on...

  • Nope, no niggles or strains. Feeling really quite good, just a little fatigued. Running in deep snow in spots today was probably similar to trying to run in deep sand, which I would never choose to do. Will pull out my foam roller tonight I think, to help keep limber. Don't want anything stopping next week's big run from happening 😆

    Ju-ju's plan really has been a good programme. I'm curious to see how she revamps it in December. I've enjoyed the 3 different runs and will likely continue with this structure in the long term. I'm thinking of pushing the distance further and will just amend the long run and possibly extend the 5k. We shall see what comes.....

  • A beautiful post to remind us all of the importance of Remembrance Day

  • Thanks Kim

  • A really lovely post and tribute Sask. Sounds like those spikes are lifesavers where you are.

  • Thanks Decker. Running without my spikes is very challenging around here - do able but results in a much slower, more cautious run. The issue is trying to determine if there is enough clear path to run without them or not. Running in my neighbourhood on the sidewalks usually means wearing them since many around here are not good about clearing them. Running on city paths are hit and miss. You'll likely want to find some unless Mother Nature is kinder to you in the east.

  • What a brilliant post I love your description of the ceremony. Your winter landscape looks wonderful but boy that’s cold ❄️ congratulations on your poppy run 👏

  • Thanks Carolyn😊. Today has been much warmer than it has been. I was just outside with my son and he was commenting how it feels like a nice spring day 😂. It's all relative to what we're acclimated to, I guess.

  • Lovely post, yes the photo is a real winter wonderland, like the way she says that -7 is not cold, in the UK -7c would be considered 'extreme cold' even in the middle of January

  • 🤣 I wish I had your winter! We can expect averages in the -20C to -30C usually once winter is fully here. We have to take advantage of the "warm" days. Looks like we're going to be above 0 the next 2 days though, which will result in a mucky mess. - even harder to run in ☹️I'd prefer it to stay in that -10 without wind! But I'm not picky 🤣

  • That deep snow is a slog! I tend to really feel it in my hips. Well done.

  • Thanks. I was all over the place trying to choose my line to avoid running too far in really deep stuff, especially because my legs were already tired .... on the road, off the road, on the sidewalk, through the park..... it was definitely a challenge, but is likely what we'll be running with all winter so might as well figure it out now.

  • What a great post. Well done for running in that snow. Must be quite tricky.

  • Thanks. It has it's own challenges. I'm feeling my quads a little today which is unusual for because I usually run at conversational pace for most my runs. Definitely was using my muscles a little differently.

  • Gosh the nature of the weather really reflects the seriousness of the day and the mood. A lovely memorial run

  • Thank you. It really was a somber run for me, no singing or arms-a-flailing. I wouldn't change a thing ☺️. Looking forward to my next, more upbeat kind of run.

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