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Only on week 5 but completed a 5K at the weekend. Advice please!

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Hi! So I've been religiously following the C25K programme and last Wednesday did W5R1. I've always done them perfectly, kept up even when I wanted to stop and finished them. Last Saturday I ran Race for Life for Cancer Research. I figured I'd just listen to one or maybe 2 of the podcasts whilst I did it and follow them (so, treat the charity run as another training session, you know?) and aimed to finish in an hour. But then I just kind of...didn't stop running. I guess the adrenalin of running with others and doing it for charity kept me going but to my utter amazement I did the whole 5K with no stopping, in 33 minutes. 5 weeks ago I could barely do 90 seconds!! My question is - should I carry on with the training plan, the walk/run pattern, or just go for runs now for as long as I can? Half of me thinks I should continue the plan to build up fitness but I also think - well, I KNOW I can do 5K now, so should I up my game? What do you think? Anyone had this issue?

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I am so impressed, you will be flying by week 9! For me, I would suggest sticking with it. Week 6 is a transitionary week and can catch many folk out after the high of a 20min run at the end of Week 5.

Weeks 6+7 are all about your body shifting gear into a) handling long runs and b) to quote Laura being able to say “you’re a runner now”. It’s also nice to formally complete the course and have an end to end process you can look back on and say that you completed in full and with flying colours.

From what you have told me I think you will slam out the next few weeks, stick at it, go through the motions and you will see your recovery time shrink and your strength and stamina grow.

And by the sounds of it, when you get up to running 30mins continuous, you’ll probably boss out 10K or something ;)

All the best x

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Oh, and PS: I would suggest you get down to your local Parkrun to satisfy your cravings to run for 5K without stopping, I did and it's been ace.

Ooooh I've never heard of Parkrun, that's ace, thanks for the recommendation! And thanks for the lovely response, I think you're right and I'll carry on from where I was. And now I CAN'T give up cos I know I've done it! :)

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It's like this board but in real life, everyone is really nice and supportive. Bonne chance!

Thanks! :) x

Firstly - well done! :D I've got a RfL coming up next month and really looking forward to it :)

I think if I were you I would just continue with the programme where you're at - as like you said, the adrenaline of the day etc will have had a big effect - but it must feel so good to know you can do it! :D At this point you are still building up your stamina for the longer runs so I would just stick with it - slow and steady might be beneficial to you in the long run, so to speak! ;)

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Where are you doing yours? It was such a lovely atmosphere, although quite emotional too. xx

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Haydock on 13th July - looking forward to it :) xx

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Carry on with the rest of the programme and graduate. Loads of people (to my amazement) do a 5K charity run... far fewer have a regular healthy running habit and C25K is working on that too. (Also 'Julie' is an unmissable character forming experience in my view, love it or hate it) But do bask in the satisfaction

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Who is Julie?! x

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That's what we'd all like to know! :D A song about someone named Julie appears in the podcast for Week 8. It's very weird but also very funny LOL xx

Wow! Well done on running the 5k and the fantastic time!

Personally I would complete the programme. If only so you can get the graduate banner!

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Yes stick with the plan! At the end of the day it's great training. A few of my friends have ran the full distance but yet can't/don't run now. Got my R4L next month :-) really looking forward to it. Yes try parkrun! I bet you'll do really well. I'm hopefully doing my first on Saturday - I've watched my son run it but never had a go myself! Happy Running! Xx

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Well done you and 5k in 33 minutes after only reaching w5 is an incredible achievement and one you should rightly be proud of. If it was me, I would still complete the c25k and graduate ;)?

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Well done with your Race for Life! Yes, I would carry on with the programme to graduation, but I agree re Parkruns- they are great- go for it! x :-)

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