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5K or a 1-mile race when I haven't completed week 5

I signed up for a 5K ages ago when it looked as though I would be finished with this plan. But life got in the way and instead I'm just finishing Week 5 Run 2 today (found it arduous). The race is day after tomorrow which is my Week 5 Run 3 day for 20 minutes.

Would it be wise to still run in the 5K or should I change for the lesser 1-mile sprint that is also being offered?

I'm very tempted to go for the lesser run as I know I can complete it and rain is predicted for that day but perhaps I should push myself? I honestly don't know.

What would you suggest?

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Will people doing the mile be jogging or actually sprinting? If they were sprinting I think I would rather do as much of the 5k as I could and walk to the finish (obviously, running the last 100 yards!). Then you will have got Wk5/3 under your belt with the benefit of some company.


I agree with Sarah. Go for the 5k, there is no harm in walking it if you need to and go for that sprint finish ;)


It's a mile walk or run. But I've done it before and everyone runs. I was the only walker. But I know I could run the whole mile this year. But I think I could finish the 5K although I know I won't be able to run the whole thing.


I'd have a go at the 5k, you may find you can run it all if you start off gently enough. Once you've run Week5 Run3, you've learnt a lot about pacing yourself.

Best of luck whatever you decide. :-)


Still going back and forth on this. I guess I'll decide at the last minute when I see how heavily it is raining. (Yes, I'm pathetic when it comes to running in the rain.) Will post back and let you know what happens. Thank you for all the input!


I did the race for life 5k after week 3. Did not run it all but did it in 38mins. Was so proud of myself for doing it. You will be amazed at how having the other people there pulls you along! Good luck what ever you do!


I finally chose the one-mile and I'm glad as I had a very difficult time with it. But I completed in 12 min. 24 sec.

It was raining, I had an awful night's sleep and a stuffed up nose. Think I'll repeat Week 5.

Thanks for all the support!


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