"Oh happy band of brothers" - W5r3

I noticed that there are a number of posts here from folks who have completed Week 5 today. I am happy to report I am joining your squadron, after a very hot (26 degrees) run in full sun this lunchtime. 20 minutes??? Who would have thought we could do that?

Please give a resounding cheer to:




MarkyD (me!)

and (hoping not to jinx it...)

Unikorn01 a bit later tonight.

... and anyone else I've missed.

Onwards! W6 beckons.

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  • That's the mentally tough one done. Well done.

    And well done to all W5R3 achievers today

  • Congratulations. Onwards to week 6

  • Congratulations :-)

  • Well done! I couldn't have walked in the heat never mind run in it!

  • Brilliant!! That is a tough one! Now it's onwards and upwards all the way!! Well done all wkr3's!! You should be very proud! :)

  • Thanks :) I'll be starting W6 on Shetland on Monday evening. I'm hoping it'll be cooler than today.

  • Well done guys, onwards and upwards, got to love this running malarky !

  • Be proud, be very proud.. And SMILE. Xx

  • Well done to you all. It's a great feeling to get that 20 minute run completed. Onwards and upwards :)

  • Well done Marky and all you other w5r3-ers. The best run in the programme for self-esteem IMHO. Happy running in w6

  • That is blooming awesome Marky! Give yourselves all a pat on the back and a nice cooling drink (alcoholic or otherwise) - then onward to W6!

  • Yes, well done - my favourite of all the runs - completing that was the best feeling ever! (although I'm sure my graduation run next week will be pretty special too!).

  • I am impressed by anyone who gets W5R3 done, but to do it in hot temps is especially impressive.

    Is there no stopping you?

  • well done MarkyD ( all all you other folk!) thats real progress :)

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