5.5 k

That's what I've just run ( jogged) round our country park , I could have carried on , I was doing a very comfortable pace but with the heat & taking the 10% rule into account I stopped while the going was good . What I want to know is this , I'm classing that as my long run of the week , do I carry on doing 5.5 k now till I increase next week or do I just do 6 k next week ? Sorry if I sound thick I really don't know lol .

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  • Hi Rockette

    I don't know much about technical stuff as yer know but I would deffo go for 6 k next run. It's only a gnat's wotsit further. Don't do it when it's hot though!

    Good luck!

  • I know but I'm paranoid this time round Misswobble , taking it steady .

  • If that is your long run for the week, I think you go back to two 'easy' 5k runs for the other two. You can then step up to 6k for the long run next week. That's my understanding anyway. I'm sure others will also have views they can share.

    Great that you are out there enjoying it again!

  • Yes that's my long run for this week , thanks for your reply that's what I will. Do

  • Hi Rockette depending on what your goal is extra distance? building up for a race? if you are doing 3 runs a week I would keep 2 of them the same distance as you do now and one of them (your long run) increase from 5.5k by 10% each week then after a couple of weeks when your long run is say 7k also increase one of the other two runs to say 5 or 6k so there isn't such a great big gap in the distances but you are also not going flat out on all the runs then every 4th week have a cut back week so you do shorter runs which gives you a bit of extra time for recovery then start increasing again.

    Hope that makes sense.......good luck

  • Sorry that should say when you start increasing again you would go from the 7 or 8k you were at not go back to starting again from the 5.5k

  • Thanks mummysarus , yes it does make sense . I know now . , I'm so thick at times .

  • It's your choice really what you do with the other 2 runs, but I'd only increase the distance on the one "long" run you do in a week. The others could both be "easy" 30 minute runs or you could mix it up with the speed and/or stamina or stepping stones podcasts.

    Sounds like you had a great run today - well done for stopping while the going was good and not getting tempted to overdo it. Your body will thank you for your common sense :)

  • Hi Rockette, great to hear you're getting on well enough for 5k to be considered an "easy run" :) Looking forward to getting o that stage myself

  • Thanks Andy , hope your up & running soon

  • Yep! The long run done for the week!! Try a speed podcast next and maybe a 30 min one. Leaving a good rest for 6k next week. Good luck and steady does it!!! :)

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