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Manchester 10 k


I haven't been around much the past 6 weeks, due to work and caring responsibilities but I haven't let my running stop. I think I would have gone insane without the opportunity to get out there and run and clear my head . I also think I would have piled on weight without it !

But anyway I'm signed up for the Manchester 10 k next Sunday . Is anyone out there doing it as well? I'm quite exited . I am in the white wave . It will be nice to know more of you are running with me x even if I don't know who you are on the day :-)

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Enjoy the run next week. My son is at uni in Manchester so I might get round to running there one day! Busy next week though. I did the 10k in Brighton last month - it was a fab event in my fave place 😀

Take care xx

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Brighton looks such a fab place


I was supposed to be , but an ankle injury stopped me ( on crutches for a month , off work for 2 ) six months not running . I was the pink wave , had I not had my accident I would have been more than ready .

Oh well , I'll be there next year .

Good luck


Oh no , that sounds horrific! How are you doing?


Have a good run next Saturday. My husband is doing the Manchester Half. I'm still only at 5K distance, so I'll be there cheering!


Hi ladyharvills. I watched last year , and thought I am doing that next year ! :-)

I will have a red vest on that says heart arthythmia society , and am in the white wave.

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