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First 10k race !!


It's been an age since I last posted! I tried the post C25k runs & got injured - running to the beat just doesn't suit me. Lesson learned.

I started using the training programmes on the runkeeper app I'd downloaded. I tried 'running for fat loss' more because it was timed runs rather than distance, and the intervals & tempo runs you're left to your own judgement of a fast or slow pace - which I prefer. Anyhow this took me all the way up to running for an hour and, on a really good day I managed a pace of 6.03m/km ( but the gps isn't always great where I am).So that programme finished I started a 10k one halfway thro' and with this race looming adapted it to suit.

I was aiming for just under the hour, but would have been happy under 1 hour & 10 mins. Well I managed to switch off my runkeeper at the start, so all I had was my music & the 1k markers. I knew some people in the field were very fast so I wasn't at all worried to be close to the back, I had some idea of my racepace & just enjoyed running in near perfect conditions. When I finished I found I couldn't talk! So just kept walking & managed to work out my time was probably under the hour ... when I checked it was 53:37 !!! I am so chuffed. It took me a few days to recover which meant I finally read 'Running till your 100' by Jeff Galloway. He says one of his greatest achievements is being injury free for 30 years, I think I would like to achieve that too! So no more races 'till September, then a HM next summer :-)

Thank you C25K & all the folk here - you have opened up a whole new world to mev& I'm loving it :-)

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Well done. Reading what you have done has inspired me to attempt to train for 10k

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