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The Tortoise and the Hare

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2nd junior parkrun with 4 yr old grandson today. We started off together but after wee while I really felt I was holding him back so let him run on by himself for middle bit as its a loop. No way I could have kept up that pace. So waited for him and we ran the last bit together. But he had to go so much slower although did manage a super sprint at the end- I know cos I could see his dust cloud in the distance! Last week we ran all of it together but at my slower plodding pace. Guess what though--- both weeks were near enough the same time. So just goes to show us tortoises are not that slow after all. Cooled down after in water fountains which shoot out of the ground . Great fun

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Sounds like a great run to me :) I did a 5k with my daughter (she's 5) a few months ago & it was fantastic!

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Fitfor60Graduate in reply to LSBeech75

The wee ones are so full of enthusiasm 5 k is impressive for your daughter Well done to her

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What a great way to spend time with your grandson. Congrats to you both ;)

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Fitfor60Graduate in reply to paul2014

Thanks Paul He is so active I thought it would be a fun way to run off some energy He just loved it

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paul2014Graduate in reply to Fitfor60

I have three grandchildren, 3, 8 and 10 years, and all three love using the running machine :) I'm hoping to take the two eldest along to my local park run, too :)

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Fitfor60Graduate in reply to paul2014

I am sure they will love it My Alex is so proud of his barcode

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Sounds wonderful - just think how good he'll be when he's 14!

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Fitfor60Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Goodness ullyrunner what a thought.

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