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What is garmin express as opposed to garmin connect?

I'm trying to set up fr310xt. I've downloaded and installed the software the website told me to. I seem to be able to upload to garmin connect. If I open garmin express it says it has the device but can't sync. Sometimes it asks me for a password but then rejects the password it sends me, then works anyway . I'm very confused!!

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Hi BonnieSingh, I don't own a Garmin product, but I can explain the difference between Garmin Express and Garmin Connect.

Garmin connect is the online, web-based place where all of your running data gets collected. Your swanky FR 310XT will send data to the web when it is near your computer by a wireless link called ANT+. Any time you want to see where you ran, or find your 5k time for 2 weeks ago, you'll go online and can see it.

Garmin Express is the software that runs on your computer, and allows you to connect to your 310XT when you set it up. It is also the program that collects the data from the watch wirelessly and sends it to Connect.

From the problem that you described, I would guess that Garmin Express can see your watch, but cannot log in to Garmin Connect.... maybe Garmin Express has not remembered your log-in details for Garmin connect???

Hopefully, someone with a Garmin device will post here and tell you more information.

Lovely new gadget! Do you swim?


thanks, MarkyD. That clarifies it a bit. So I just go to the website and Garmin Express is doing the background stuff? I think they are badly named. "Connect" sounds like the thing that connects you, whereas it's actually the other way round!!! No I don't swim, but go out in the rain a lot! Got this because it was a bargain, has a HRM included, and I like gadgets - also long battery life (allegedly) for long walks, and much much more (apparently) which I will probably take years to work out. Instructions are rubbish, though, even the 50+page downloadable manual!!!! I like the idea of the "retrace your steps" thing. My husband has been known to get us lost on long walks, even though he is a geography teacher - and I have no sense of direction whatsoever.

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It's new! It's confused things a bit for the user as before there was just Connect and now they've thrown Express into the mix. Maybe you can still do everything just via Connect. Not sure though

I just plug my Garmin into the computer via the connector supplied with the watch and wait. A message pops up to tell me that Express has downloaded my run/walk and tells me to go online to Garminconnect to see my data. I opened an account with Garmin Connect when I first got my Garmin, so I would suggest you do the same, and then you can view your walks and runs etc in all their glorious detail


I used to be able to do what misswobble does but after Garmin Express was introduced I can no longer ( most of the time) upload my imformation on my laptop ( Windows vista) to Garmin Connect although it works on my husband's Mac computer. I must phone the Garmin helpline but work gets in the way! There is also a garmin forum which gives advice from other users but to me it is in DoubleDutch!


I've been for a walk round the garden tonight, just to test it out again. I don't think Garmin express does anything, although I have installed it. When I open it , it doesn't want to have anything to do with me or my watch. I go to Garmin Connect; it asks for my "credentials", which I refuse it give it (because I can't remember them) and it then carries on to upload the data. Bizarre!!! Seems to work though! AND it said I had used FOUR calories walking round the garden! - worth a sip of wine perhaps? 50 times round the garden for a large glass?


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