Any one suffered with sciatic pain?

Ever since I started the longer runs (40 mins plus) I have had an odd , not really a pain, but a tightness or numbness in my one side of my bottom, and down one leg. These last couple of weeks the sensation has spread down one leg and across my foot. Always on the same side, and all the time now, not just after running. After Pilates last night i mentioned it to my instructor. When i told her the pain went all the way to my big toe she pulled a face and said "Not good! Don't run! Chiropractor!". I'm making an appointment ASAP, but i wondered if anyone had suffered anything similar? I'm worried that's it for my running!

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  • I slipped a disc around the beginning of last year. The pain started in my bottom and was mis-diagnosed as ischial bursitis. It spread down my left leg. Eventually I got referred to a physio. If it's a slipped or bulging disc then it'll be worse after sitting, but running isn't terribly good for it either. Walking is OK and lying on your back. It was ages before I could sit down with my legs out in front of me (like you do when sitting up in bed) and I really missed being able to sit down and have a cup of tea. I had to make it, lie down while I waited for it to cool down, and then stand up to drink it. No lifting either. Hope that isn't what you've got, but it does sound like a possibility. Be very careful of your back until you've been properly diagnosed and got a treatment plan.

  • Oh Dear. It is worse after sitting. I seem to seize up! Are you running again now?

  • Yes, I started over again and just did my graduation run on Monday. Just come in from my first second-time-around post-graduate run.

    Really sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you really need to look after your back. It's difficult because the pain isn't really in the back, but that's where the damage is likely to be. *hugs*

  • Thank you! And congratulations on graduating again. I'm taking comfort in the fact that it didn't stop you, just stalled you. x

  • Hopefully you'll get sorted quickly. Take care!

  • If it's only come on since you started doing longer runs it might be piriformis syndrome and the good news is that stretches can help:

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Thanks for this. The Chiropracter is hopeful that it is this and has given me stretches and short runs to do. I see her at Pilates so she can keep an eye me.

  • Glad you seem to have nailed it, hope you feel better soon with your stretches. :-)

  • Two years ago I woke one morning while on holiday and could not move. The pain was in my right hip, across the buttock and lower back and shooting down the leg. It hit my knee cap and felt as if it was bouncing around there before continuing down to my foot. If my foot wasn't painful it was numb, pins and needles shooting through it. To sum it all up 'I was crippled' a came home from holiday in a wheelchair!!! Doctor pronounced it as 'full blown sciatica' which I had never had before and to my knowledge had done nothing to cause it. I spent 2 months getting it sorted, mainly with rest and tablets. It took over 3 months to get back to walking and then jogging very slowly. I re-did C25K and completed it in 7 weeks, missing the odd run when I felt able to. My sciatica was worse because it was 5 days before I could see a doctor, I had also had a 6 hour flight to endure. So get it checked out quickly and be guided by your physio/doctor. The one thing I am a stickler for now is spending at least 10 minutes stretching after a run, its paid off too. Hope things improve and you get relief from the pain soon, it really is one of the worst things I have ever suffered from. Take care.

  • I can relate to your injury as someone who has had sciatic pain most of their life. I eventually had a major back operation as i reached the stage when i could hardly walk.

    The running has highlighted and exasperated an existing condition. If you run on consecutive days is it more painful on the second day? The advice you have been given is one the recommend path. A good chiropractor who says he can treat it in one session rather than one who says that you need a number of sessions. I often suffered pain down my legs, my lower back, buttocks when doing pilates, so if you are pain free doing pilates hopefully your spine isn't too bad.

    The recommended treatment would be chiropractic/osteopath, stretching exercises, pilates. Hope you get it sorted.

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