Couch to 5K

Anyone else ever got runner's runnies half round?

Sorry about the subject, but after starting a really great run this morning, I had to stop 2.5k in and jump in a bush suddenly...

Utilising natures best leaves, I was able to sort myself out, but then couldn't carry on so aborted run.

Feel fine now. Had a chunk of Soreen beforehand for an energy boost, but wasn't expecting that!

I have heard of people taking too many gels and the glucose effectively acting like a laxative, but a chunk of Soreen surely not.

I am a nurse and understand the ins and outs of such things. I was jst very lucky that it was only 06:30 and there was no one else around. I might have to call myself Paula Radcliffe after her escapade a couple of years ago on the London Marathon

Carry on with your dinner now folks :-)

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Oh Yes. I have! Been thinking about confessing for a while.

Happened on holiday on IOW. Ended up squatting behind a bush to hide me from the road, but in my fluo t-shirt I was so obvious across the valley.

Apparently it is not uncommon for running to 'get things moving', so I am always sure to go before I leave.

Confession over :)


You are absolved my child... I have noticed things moving more regularly I confess... Will make sure I go beforehand next time



Yes, I confess to having that problem too. I dont eat anything before I run, only drink water and try to go to the loo before I leave home, I also make sure there is a loo on my route (Sainsburys or the local park, in case it gets desperate (I run in town)!! It only started with the longer runs, but I read on the internet somewhere that it sometimes settles when your body gets used to the running. So here's hoping thats true! x


I've yet to have this experience. I make sure I go before I leave the house, even at 5.30am for my morning runs. I'm not looking forward to having this experience I tell you.


Happened to me too, was a very uncomfortable hobble home as no way was I going in a bush (live the country and are all full of stinging nettles lol) but, I do think you can 'train' yourself about when you go and as long as I haven't had dinner too late I can usually 'go' before I leave the house. Have to admit, I have been far more regular since starting this running lark lol


Teehee! I was gonna say it happens to the best of us - even Paula Radcliffe LOL.

Not been too caught out yet but as another early runner it's definitely helping to get things moving, which in turn helps me to run quicker!! ;)


My worst nightmare! I run round the local streets and would have to move house if I'm ever afflicted!


Long, dark polo-shirt has saved me from embarrassment once or twice - but still most disconcerting. It seems to be settling down now, though (Week 7)


I am afraid that I have also posted about this before. I graduated in September and had hoped it would settle down, but alas no. I run early morning with nothing to eat/drink before and have been to the doctor's (how embarrassing the examination is) as it was getting to the point of happening every time I run. The doctor recommended something to 'bung' me up, which I had said to her was not the problem and found when tried actually made things worse and has also recommended something to loosen things up, which I am yet to bring myself to try - having been shown a picture by my son of a man completing a strong man challenge and it is not something I want the neighbours (or anyone else) to see!


I posted a couple of weeks ago turvy progress%2C but I think I´ll give w5r3 a miss......

Luckily, I live in a very remote area of Sweden with no passer-by!

It seems to have settled now.


It's also happened to me :( i abandoned the run halfway round and only just made it home in time. It was excruciating! I put it down to the second cup of black coffee I'd consumed that morning. Now if I'm running in the morning I restrict myself to one small cup of coffee and no food until I'm back home. And I don't "go" until I've "been".


Hey, lots of sympathy. I had this when I first started. I am in week 8 now and touch wood it's not happening. I was never brave enough to use a bush - but the cramps were killer while I hobbled to the nearest loo. I think it's different for differnt folks but for a lot it does stop when you get used to it. I never eat in the two hours before running. I will have a banana, apple or handful of granola at the most and this worked for me. Good luck and hope it settles down soon x


A common, but little referred to condition, methinks! Running is physical and, well, gets things moving that might otherwise stay put for a while!!

I have found that things settled down very quickly after W1R1 until I took a post-grad break and then when I came back...just like the BBC, a repeat.

Does anyone find that their stomachs make alarming noises if you run too soon after eating or drinking?


I have had this problem since about week 6 of the programme - I graduated in July. It got so bad that all runs resulted in (erm) the runs.

Emptying bowels before running did not always work! Dietary changes also did not help.

I've had hospital check ups for bowel probs and pelvic floor probs - but that is not the problem either.

One thing that seems to be helping is making sure that my pelvis is not tipping forward (imagine your pelvis like a bucket full of water, don't let the water tip out at the front). This took some getting used to and it slowed me down a lot. It all goes wrong when I get tired, just cannot hold the posture, which suggests to me that some core strengthening exercises may help. Working on that now!


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