I think I have lost my mojo!

I have been busy with the 5 x 50 and too tired mentally to run since the weekend. I know I have to put in a 5k and it is just a chore now rather than an adventure.

I have now cycled 3 days in a row and am wondering if I am really a runner anymore.

I think I need my Laura back tomorrow for a week 9 reunion where I can walk, run and walk again with her dulcet tones and great music (well!)!

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  • I think sometimes the thought of something can be much more daunting that the task itself. Quite often I dread "Run Day" beforehand which is one of the reasons I like to run as early as possible in the day but once I've got my running gear on, start then settle down into it, I quite often surprise myself with A) How much I enjoy it! and B) With how much I accomplish! I'm sure once you start running you'll Mojo will be right back there with you.

    Good Luck :)

  • Thanks for your comment. I did it tonight with your help and Laura.

  • Agreed, I dread every run and I often detest the first 5 mins as well but once I let my thoughts wonder, I love it, it's like therapy for the reasons I couldn't be arsed in the first place! It's only sheer bloody mindedness that gets me out there some days! Have a go, see how you feel, just remember noone is making you do it,use tha fact you are wondering if you like it as a reason to give it a try! p.s. I love bike riding too but it takes more faffing about getting the bike in and out and I know I wouldn't do it regularly!

  • Thanks very much, I was dreading the run all day and you guys helped so much.

    Actually, my bike is too easy, I have it next to my treadmill on a turbo trainer. All too easy to do my 5k and not run!

  • I got myself into that position a few weeks ago, just could face the thought of going out.

    I put a week 9 run on and once I got going I wondered why I had stopped, felt so much better for going out and was amazed as to how much easier it was than I thought it was going to be.

    Give it a go and I am sure you will soon get your mojo back.

    Personally I think I have always preferred the post run feeling to the pre-run one!

  • Thanks for the advice. I found that Laura helped me tonight. The post run feeling was fantastic though I did not love the run.

  • I make a training calendar for each month which show my running days (currently Mon, Wed and Fri) and what I'm doing each session,eg "30 mins tempo. This way I never think about whether to run or not on my running days - I just get up and go! My cross-training is not prescribed so much ( except for my 2 exercise classes) and just says "cross-training" which is why i'm still here faffing about and wondering whether to walk or cycle today! :-

    I've also signed up for a couple of races so I've a goal to work towards, hence the monthly 'training schedule'. But I still love running for the sake of running and look forward to each run. :-)

  • Thanks, the idea of a training diary with set days could work for me. I travel a lot, so it will not be simple, but I run a detailed schedule and I could plan in detail with an idea of a schedule as you suggest.

  • Yes, of course you are still a runner! Just look at your shiny graduate badge! I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. I think your idea about putting Week 9 on and just going is a good one. The 5x50 must be really hard work, so I'm not at all surprised you're tired. I bet when you hear Laura's dulcet tones again you'll feel like you've come home :D Go and try it - I know it seems like too much effort just to get out there, but you can do this, and then you will be a happy person again, I'm sure. All the best with it - let us know how you get on :)

  • The shiny badge was looking a little tarnished. Laura's dulcet tones definitely helped and I was able to manage a 5k tonight. I am not sure I enjoyed the actual run, but feel good to complete it again.

  • I empathise. I had a horrible attempt at a run earlier in the week. It was the 1st time I've given up before my allotted time. I hated every minute of it, stopped to walk then tried to get going again and only lasted another minute which brought the grand total to 17 minutes. I felt heavy and lethargic and very, very lumber some (if that's a word!). I went out yesterday late afternoon without any great hope of doing any better but I kept going and made 33 minutes and I felt great. It comes and goes.

    I think I've been doing too much and the 5 x 50 challenge has become a bit of a chore and I feel guilty when I'm not out there doing something so I think I'm going to be nice to myself and allow sometime off.

  • Thanks, I think the issue is the 5x50. I used to look forwards to my runs and moreover felt good to have the rest day. I think this programme is hard, but I need to run first, then fit the rest of the stuff around it.

    Oh well, I guess we signed up for it, so we have to get it done!!

  • I know what you mean as far as the 5x50 is concerned. On day 9 I had the most abysmal running experience of my life and wondered how on earth I was going to even get home, let alone do the remaining 41 runs. But it comes in waves, the next day I blew away the cobwebs and enjoyed it, then blew another 30 seconds off my PB the next day. Today I really struggled again. I'm just trying to get through as many of the 50 as I can before switching to something other than running! I'd echo the thoughts above - once you're on the road you've done 90% of the hard work. Keep it up!

  • Thanks for this, I am struggling mentally and physically. I believe the latter is the real issue. I want my rest day, but can not have one until: OMG I don't when.

    Had a good run tonight and feel good about it again.

  • Thanks to you all. Your comments really helped a lot. This is the power of the c25k as I read the at lunchtime and formulated a plan to definitely run a 5k tonight. With me, it is totally a mental thing. I gather lots of fitness data, but at 5 minutes wanted to give up.

    I had all of your comments "ringing in my ears" and was able to put in a reasonable performance and break the "just get on a bike and do my 30 mins" approach I was getting. I will try to schedule and try to push. I spent 9 weeks convincing myself I was a runner and I need to be.

    Thanks to you all, honestly, I needed you and you came through for me. I am back running and more importantly, I believe I can do it!

  • Yay - go you! You are a runner - we know that, and so do you again :)

  • Yay! Glad we helped!

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