Failed to complete week 5 Run 3

Hi All !

New here, but have been lurking a while for the great tips and advice available.

Last week I really struggled to complete W5R2 and then failed on the next run. I've read here that you should only re-run runs that you fail. However, I have decided to re-do the whole week because I want to be able to consolidate and be comfortable before moving on to week 6. otherwise I'm pretty sure the struggle would simply be postponed to a future stage. btw when I say 'struggle' I mean having to really fight for breath at the end of a running section in an unpleasant 'I think I'm going to croak' sort of way !

Any thoughts ?


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  • Hi, I think you get to know your own body and what you can do-yes you can push yourself sometimes but there's no harm whatsoever in re doing the whole week. You will probably gain confidence from doing so and build up your strength and stamina. I'm on week 8 so im by no means an expert but that's what I feel. Good luck!

  • Hi Simon

    There isn't a problem re doing a week from scratch. In fact, I would think that would be a sensible decision in this instance. After all, you know your own body. Week 5 includes a big step up from what you will have been doing ie the 20 minute run! As you point out, it's better to get your fitness / stamina levels to a point where you feel comfortable.

    My only concern is how you were gasping for breath at the end of the session. It may just be that your fitness levels are not quite up there but, if it were me, I think I'd be popping down to see my GP for a check up, just to be safe.

  • You might want to slow your pace a little, you can always speed up once you've finished the programme but for now the idea is to get you running for 30 mins. Good luck!

  • I also think slow down, right down, my speed is that of a sedated slug, who cares, that will come , dont push your self

  • Hi Simon

    I had exactly the same problem with Week 5, only mine was Run 2! The good folk on here advised me to slow my pace down and it worked. I re-ran Run 2 and completed Week 5 without incident. I'm only on Week 7 now but slowing down has really helped my breathing and stamina. Good luck for re running Week 5 and the rest of the program.

  • Thanks for your all your replies.

    I re-did W5R1 yesterday and concentrated on breathing deeply - both during walking and running - huge difference ! At the end I decided to run an extra minute or so before the cool-down walk.

    Thanks for the advice on speed, trying to go slow but from the endomondo app I seem to be mostly running at around 12 mins/mile (5mph) but there are some peaks at just under 10 mins/mile (6mph) I guess this still maybe too fast and is not allowing me to do the longer stints without the few minutes recovery walk in between.

    Tomorrow I'm going to concentrate on breathing, going slow and trying to develop a 'running rythm'


  • As Paul says, it might also be a good idea to get a quick check up with your GP just to make sure you are 'running fit'.

  • I would agree with the others, if you are struggling that much with breathing you really are going too fast. I would suggest that you ditch the focusing on speed and look more at time. You can pick up your pace later. Are you using the podcasts with Laura ?

  • Hello Simon - If it is any comfort, when I got to week 5 I was dreading the 3rd run and put it off. I continued with run 2 for an extra week. Over and over. Strong words of comfort were given here to me because I was scared of failing. A kind member told me - slowly does it, listen to music intently and remember that it is 4 sets of 5 minutes. Those words stuck with me and the feeling was immense and very emotional. If you have to keep on run 2 for longer until it feels right for you then so be it. You are not judged. You can do it trust the programme and believe in yourself! Good luck! :)

  • Update: Re-did week 5 without any problem.

    The answer, as numerous posters suggest, is to SLOW DOWN.

    I think in the earlier runs, when there are recovery walks, I was getting away with going a little too fast. My logs show I've now slowed from 12 mins/mile to 13 mins/mile (5 mph to 4.6 mph). This has made all the difference, as I can now complete the long non-stop runs without getting totally out of breath.

    Next run is w7 r3.

    I saw my GP on another matter but asked him to check me out for running, he is a runner too. He also said that there's no reason why nearly everyone (excluding people with certain illnesses/infirmity) shouldn't be capable of running a marathon (obviously after the necessary training) !

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