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C25K apps with audio notifications

right at the moment I'm using endomondo and active's c25k app which tells me when to run and logs everything. But I would like to be verbally told how long is left to run. i dont like running with phone in hand and anyway - have to unlock it then get to the right app thats running ( i have a music app running too). I'm a restarter of c25k and in middle of week 3 :-)

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I use the Public Health England app - talks you through it with your own music (or none, if you prefer).


We are all here as students and graduates of the NHS Couch to 5k programme, free as an app,or podcasts. It is fully coached by the lovely Laura, or you can choose SAran Millican, Jo Wiley or Michael Johnson

You can download it here on a link I think, if not,it's in the NHS Lifewell site


so do they say only 30 seconds to go etc ... mine tells me when to start and stop running but i sometimes need someone to say only x amount of seconds left :-)


Yeah, Sarah Millican gives you time checks throughout. On the longer runs (3 mins plus) the time checks are over half way through, so it's a good motivator I find.

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the app is saying its not compatible?


what are you trying to link it to? You just need the NHS ( public health England) app or podcast.

The app allows you to listen to your own music. The podcast has music already.

Reply the app is saying its incompatible with my phone - moto g3. and i would like to use my own music.


Mmmm that's strange. Someone here will know I'm sure

With C25k you get led by the Hand so most. Lots of time checks and you are told when to walk and when to jog, when to stop, when you can go home 😃


my existing one does but doesnt say when you are half way through a run 😁


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