B210K - W2R1 - OMG!

So, just finished W2R1 of B210K (3x15 mins with 60s walk between the 3 intervals) and OMG! It was a scenic run in Finland and beyond an unscheduled 60s walk during interval 3 due to a stitch (oww!) I managed to do 45 minutes of almost non-stop running today...

Won't bore you all with the gruesome details but this is a HUGE step up... glad I finished it but boy this is tough... Good thing I like a challenge!

Happy running!


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27 Replies

  • Well done. I have one run left to do of week 2 it feels good doesn't it? but those one minute walks go by really fast. I actually felt great on my last run I felt like I could continue so I'm happy with my progress, I have given up trying to go fast I just want to do the runs and not gasp for breath etc... my last one I did 5.88km ( thank you garmin ) in the 48 mins of running and walking, I know it's not fast but I felt great I could even sing along to my music :)

  • Well done Shivashinn, you are also my other B210K guinea pig, so same rules apply: if starts to get horrible, don't tell us! I am such a wimp! I am finding it wonderful to be able to go out without my phone. I listened to Sami today so that I didn't have to keep an eye on walk run intervals; this was much better and a quick cheek of my gremlin told me that my pace was about 7:30 most of the time, so I'm not fast either. At this stage I want to just complete the distance and try to enjoy it! Good luck with R3 and have a great day :)

  • Ah - singing along to the music is great fun... everyone thinks you're mad of course but it's a good test of your pace being right! I managed about 7.5km this morning but I seem to have quite long legs... and a passion for very fast music! :)

    Good luck on the final run of week 2 and good luck for next week... it's getting serious now! :)

  • Did you go straight into B210K after C25K? If so, does it flow on nicely? I have one week left of C25K and m wondering if I should do this next. I'd be really interested to get some feedback :-)

  • I did 2 weeks of running 30 mins and got bored and wanted a goal, so I started B210k. It's quite a move up but pace yourself and you can do it.

  • Thanks, I think I will definitely need something. It's nice to feel like I'm achieving towards a goal. Keeps me motivated. Thanks for the pace warning :-)

  • It's a BIG step up (40 mins running intervals in week 1) but it's not too much if you're ready for it (be careful not to push too hard too fast!)...

    Like Shivashinn, I did a few weeks of 30 minutes running and a Parkrun (29:19 - loved it) but I missed the "challenge" that C25K gave me and wanted a new (and achievable) goal. I don't think I'll go anything over 10K (check with me in 4 months though) but I thought 10K was a "proper distance". Laura is gone (never forgotten) and I'm on my own playlist with a "reminder" from MapMyRun to walk/run...

    I like the structure of building up to a goal through a weekly running plan (and it forces me out the door)... and I love a challenge. I never thought I'd run 5K and now that I proved I could do that, I want to see if I can do 10K in under an hour... From there - pretty much anything is possible! Although these old legs may not go much further than that! I have entered a 10K event in late July so I've got that to aim for and that gets me motivated and off that couch... can't finish last! :)

    Best of luck in whatever you do post graduation (keep us posted) and all the best for your final week. I recommend a few weeks of "30 minutes running" before deciding what next. There are the stepping stones, stamina and speed podcasts, B210K (various versions) and obviously just "slowing increasing time/distance" over the coming months... You know you can run now - now you get to decide how, when and how far (but increase gradually!)

  • Thanks. I love the optimism that seems to go hand in hand with running. You really have to have a positive attitude as half of the achievement is about outlook.

    Yes, think I'll just go for some straight 5k runs when I've graduated and see if I can reduce my time at all before I move on. Thanks for your thoughts, have fun! :-)

  • My legs are short lol I'm 5ft 4 but music is fast :)

  • 6ft and fast music... Your pace is fine... this is a great challenge and I love the structure... tough, but not too tough (yet!)... :)

  • My run will be today in the rain, I'm teaching till 12 and then I've got the afternoon off so will get out this afternoon with my short legs, Rob zombie, Mötley crue and what ever else pops up on shuffle mode on my mp3 player. :)

  • Love the rain, love the Crue... Enjoy your run!

  • Great stuff Aussiegtc. What a lovely feeling!! It's inspired me to go out again after all.. The couch is making a serious attempt to lure me back today :( Thanks and happy next run to you! :)

  • Get off that couch and get running... :)

  • Couch 0 : Me 5k ...in my best time. Thanks for the push x

  • Nothing like a new PB to keep you off the couch! Well done

  • Yes up off the couch and go go go :)

  • Thanks S. I did go.. Feel so much better! Well done you on your running progress and prowess! :)

  • Well done! It's not easy, I know, but your progress is fantastic; keep the great running up! :-)

  • Going to do another Parkrun in 3 weeks or so... I'd love to see how the longer runs affect my 5K times... I figure if I can run 45-50 minutes, then a 5K should be slightly quicker as I should be able to go harder for the shorter time... Just for fun of course... :)

  • Well done aussiegtc, you are my B210K guinea pig! I just finished my second run of W1, so I always await your posts to see what's round the corner. So no pressure on you or anything, but if you start to find it unbearable, please lie! Have a great day :)

  • Its awesome.. Trust me.. :)

  • Hiya aussiegtc, sounds as if you're having an awesome time, well done! I'm an older graduate of last year and haven't really made much progress beyond 5k, injuries, pain and life haven't helped much either. Anyway, thinking I ought to shift butt again and am looking for a bridge course to take me further. I liked the format of the C25K podcasts - even if the music wasn't to my taste - I liked Laura's prodding, hints and encouragement, I don't have a smart phone, so am kinda stuck for choice and really need to find an MP3 download somewhere for my player. Are you able to offer any suggestions, please?

  • Do a search for B210K podcasts on this forum and you will find a link to a Dropbox file which has MP3 versions for download... I have them with me so if you don't have any luck I will sort out a way to get them to you...

  • Well Done! I'm very envious of your scenic run, I feel I need to branch out a little more- now the runs are getting longer I feel like I've covering the same streets again and again.

    I found this week hard too, although I did find only having 3 interval better than 4 as psychologically I always struggled with interval 2/4 with it not being the 'start' 'middle' or 'end'. You are making very good time too, my furthest run in Week 2 saw me covering 7.2 k so you're well ahead.

    Please keep us updated, it's so nice we seem to have formed a little B210K cohort even if we are spaced over a couple of weeks :)

  • The best bit about the longer runs is discovering new routes to travel... I have the advantage of travelling for work so "have trainers, will run" means I get to see new places waking up. I mix it up at home to keep it interesting too.. Sometimes a riverside run, sometimes a run through the parks and at other times a "street run"... Something new every time... This,morning I,was chased by geese by the shore protecting their goslings.. Fartlek training by mistake!!

  • Ha hilarious! I have been trying to alter my routes a little but as I'm running at dusk in the week feel quite restricted to streets until the weekends. Also, if I'm getting towards the end of a run I often revert to streets I know to avoid unwelcome surprises- but I'm getting so bored I might abandon this practice soon. I too have done a run or too while travelling with work but in much less exotic locations.

    Cheers to running adventures :)

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