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Week 9 Run 1 done - So near and yet so far. Britney Spears springs to mind


Oops I did it again. I decided to miss my rest day.

I got back from work early and thought right I am going to do this today. My target when I started was to run 3 miles in 27 minutes (as I thought it was equal to 5k) before I am 52 on Sunday.

I have 3 runs to fit in to graduate, 3 opportunities to meet my target. So today I did Laura's 5 minute warm up, switched to my own playlist, and started running at 7mph. First 5 mins in a bit shaky, next 5 mins okay I have hit my stride. Next 5 mins now it's tough and I'm huffing and a puffing. But that's half way. Next 5 mins really bad - the gremlins are getting louder "you will fail - you can't keep this speed up".

So I've been running for 20 mins at 7 mph that must have got me closer to my target. The Gremlins make me drop my speed to 6.8mph - not a vast difference but that has been my fast speed during the programme. I manage to do the next 5 mins. Now I am boiling hot, gasping for breath and know I still have another 5 mins because I don't want to fail the run. So the gremlins are back and I drop to 6 mph. I hit the last minute and think Laura said I should speed up because there is always something left in the tank "but I am shattered Laura". I get to the last 30 seconds and speed up to 6.8 mph - "see I told you you had some left".

Switch back to Laura for the 5 minute warm down - congratulations - I have run for 30 minutes without a pause at a pretty good pace. It wasn't pretty but I have improved so much as I couldn't do more than about 10 minutes when I started.

Now the stats.

20 mins at 7mph + 5mins at 6.8mph and 2mins at 6mph = 3.1 miles My new personal best

3.1 miles = 4.988975972 km "Close but no Cigar!"

So I worked out when I completed the 5k - it was 0.07 of a minute or 4 .2 seconds so very close.

My total for the run was 3.4 miles in 30 minutes which funnily enough is an average of 6.8 mph

Total for the session was 4.3 miles including the walk warmup and down

I checked my heart rate stats and actually my average heart rate was down and max was also down compared to week 8 run 3. So I know I am getting fitter, week by week my heart rate is dropping while I achieve longer run times.

My next run will be Thursday evening. I just need one more minute at 7mph to crack it. Wish me luck!

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I feel I should have paid more attention in my maths lessons !! But if you're pleased I'm pleased for you. I'll be waiting for your graduation post......

GettingFitterGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks HenPen my brother in law let me know I was 11metres short - so that was nice


That's impressive running when you are still doing the programme though I'm a little concerned to read you were gasping for breath during your last 5 minutes. Don't push too fast too soon as it could lead to injury and that would be so very disappointing after working so hard. Speed is something you can really enjoy working at after graduation. Good luck for your last runs. Rest days are important too so beware and stay injury free.

Yes thanks Oldgirl I just have it in my head to achieve my target. Rest days are really important and I think it was probably just going too fast for too long as well. I have been lucky to be injury free so far - I always do stretching afterwards and definitely think that helps. Going to take it easy tomorrow and have another go on Thursday. This programme has really worked for me.

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