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Bye bye Week 8. That was run 3 done today!

I still feel exhausted by the end and I've taken to hanging my shirt outside after a run. I proved to myself my last run wasn't a one off. Managed the 3 miles in 27 mins and 5k in 28 mins again. Only trouble is I set my own challenge to do 5k in 27 mins and that means running about 7mph for the whole 27 mins. I have 3 more runs to achieve my goal and each one will be 2 mins longer in week 9. Think I might slow down for the next one and go for it on run 2.

I haven't been this focused for years. I've been recommending the programme to all that will listen because it really does make you feel good - especially when you beat those head gremlins.

Happy running!

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Well done! How is W9 treating you?



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