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Walk/run done

After getting the go ahead from physio on Friday to start running again but take things slowly I was so geared up to head off out Saturday but life got in the way!!!!!!!!!!!! However this morning the only thing stopping me was lack of motivation and I didn't have any shortage ;)

So at 8.30am I set off and managed a walk/run covering 4.66Km in a steady time of 40:28 no records broken but more importantly PF seems tonight to be keeping quiet. I'm a happy old girl and looking forward to my next dander. Average speed 6.91 km/h and considering about 1.5K was walking that'll do for me. Happy running everyone.

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Glad the pf isn't troubling you , & congratulations on your successful run ,


Happy result! Well done for getting out there. Nothing stopping you now. Go Oldgirl! (But carefully!) x


So glad for you :)

Really not a bad pace at all for a first run/walk back after such a break. Hope you feel yourself getting back into the swing of things soon and stay injury free. Enjoy your running and don't worry about any speed or distance records - you're an inspiration to so many of us with your determination. Personally I'd much rather know that you're still going after "x" years rather than that you shaved 10 seconds off your personal best.


Yes -- I REALLY wish I had never started looking at a watch when I first started running - I really don't care how fast I run ( except now that I have basically committed myself to running a certain pace in my 14klm race) -- but I really wish I hadn't!!!

Anyway, I SWEAR that when this race is over, I am going to run different things , 5ks, 10ks, trails, etc - and I am NEVER going to look at what speed/pace/time I am doing. I am only interested in finishing the task at hand and doing it easily with reserve to spare.

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Me too, I've got this thing about doing 10k in an hour which I can, thing is I enjoy it more when I run it slower.


Foot not happy this morning, loads of stretches and swim with aqua gym after if it's ok. I'm not convinced now that I'm through the woods with this. Old age!?!


Really sorry to read that Oldgirl, that must be really dispiriting. Have you tried kinesiology take on your foot? It's helped me when getting back after peroneal tendonitis, just gives that extra bit support.


Sorry to hear that Oldgirl. Take it gently


Well done on getting out there - slow and steady for now and listen carefully to that foot of yours... don't be tempted to go "too hard, too soon"...

Happy running... I admire your dedication to getting back to running - it just shows it's addictive! :)


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