1000 miles

1000 miles

half done finished in 1hr 47 didnt take my inhaler {couldnot find it} was ok till 3 miles then wanted to stop but carried on to 6 then had to do laces and had problems from there on in could not get my pace lower than 8 marshall wanted me to stop at 10 so for the final 3 i ran and walked great event great people would do it again had people out with there hose pipes cooling us all down and 10 months runnning and ive crossed the 1000 miles mark happy running all

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  • Phwewwwwww!

  • Gosh you poor thing, I really feel for you, that heat is a killer....your time is amazing....well done you...and the 1000 miles, totally amazing :)

  • yes was very hot but came 149 out off 1000 and now have 3 inhalers keep up your good work

  • Congratulations - that must have been hard work!!

  • a lot fun doing it and some hard work

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