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Really awful run left me wondering about buddy running

A fortnight ago, I had a truly awful run with pain in my fascia and calves that forced me to stop half way and walk back. Never had anything like this before and it's knocked my confidence and enthusiasm completely. I've been swimming and rowing since but am really lacking motivation to run. I'm wondering if it would be an idea to find a run buddy but recently changed area and don't know many people. Has anyone else done so, and how did you go about finding someone of the same limited ability? I'm currently doing 5k using run-walk-run on 5:1 in about 35mins. Cheers, Graham

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Maybe Google running groups (more informal) or running clubs (more formal) in your area to find one which matches your stage/ability? I did this and am going along to a group this week, they sound like they are a similar stage to me (I hope so!). You would likely meet a variety of people who run at your pace and it might give you that motivation (I've been short of this too recently), as well as new training techniques.

There are also various websites which aim to match running buddies up, but I have never used them so don't know if they are much good or not.

Another thought would be is there a Park run nearby? They are great for meeting other runners, and you'll soon find out who runs at your pace.

Sorry to read about your bad run, injuries really can knock the confidence, but you did the right thing resting those calves up.


Thanks, notbad. I'd not thought of a group per se. In a way, I'd prefer an individual so that we can schedule runs when it suits us, but the groups is worth trying. Thanks.


You might well meet an individual or two at a group who you can arrange to run with at other times, hoping it works out for you. :-)


Unbelievable.... I did as you said. Discovered that there's a group promoted on the Park Run site and just round the corner from me!

I'll let you know if I hear from them.

Thanks again, Graham


Great stuff - that's how I found out about mine too. Go for it, and let us know how it goes. :-)


I often run out too far and have to walk back, often in the rain but it's ok. I have music on and it soons goes. I often run again when I have my breath back and get home that much quicker. I do butt kicks to get the circulation going in my lower legs. It's all good practice and I don't know why it should knock your confidence. Don't let it


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